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August 16, 2013

Caroline Hedwall

Anna Nordqvist


Q.テつ First tee shot was perfect.テつ Tell us how nerve wracking was that first tee shot for you?
ANNA NORDQVIST:テつ I wasn't really that nervous.テつ I was just so excited.テつ I've been looking forward to this day for so long, and we all worked so hard to get here, so it was just so exciting to see that many people on the first tee.

Q.テつ Caroline, you played perfect golf, you two, today.テつ Just tell us about the two 3‑putts.テつ Because for us watching, the greens seemed ludicrously quick.テつ Explain how quick they are.
CAROLINE HEDWALL:テつ You can't really describe how quick they are.テつ I think I hit it pretty soft, and it still just rolls out forever.

Q.テつ Have either of you ever putted on greens this quick?
CAROLINE HEDWALL:テつ Definitely not.
This is the quickest I've ever played.

Q.テつ So you got the team off to the perfect spot.テつ Do you hope you play again in the afternoon?
CAROLINE HEDWALL:テつ I don't know, we felt pretty good this morning and whatever the captains pick for this afternoon will be perfect.

Q.テつ How important was it to get that first point on the board?
CAROLINE HEDWALL:テつ Any point we can get is important and I think, I mean, for our teammates coming behind us, it's just nice to see a European point early.

Q.テつ Did you watch what was going on behind you?テつ Did you see the momentum rolling back?
CAROLINE HEDWALL:テつ Yeah, I know the standings.

Q.テつ How important was it for you to get that first point?テつ Was that a goal?
CAROLINE HEDWALL:テつ Absolutely, we're all trying to take care of our own match and definitely getting off to a good start really helps.

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