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August 15, 2013

Roger Federer


1‑6, 7‑5, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Roger, you really flipped the switch really early in the second set.  What made the difference after having troubles in the first set against Tommy?
ROGER FEDERER:  I thought, you know, the games I was broken in maybe the first set, first game in the second set maybe I shouldn't get broken, but like a shot here, a point there sort of put me‑‑ instead of 40‑15, put me in 30‑All points and instead of being up 40‑30, I was down 30‑40.
I think I had too many of those small hiccups that kept on adding up, because overall I wasn't playing terrible.  I was just missing by a margin or putting myself in a tough spot.
Then on top of that, Tommy took advantage of it, played well when he had to, and next thing you know, as we know, best of three‑set match, things go quickly and you're down a set and a break and you're out of the tournament.
So I just held on hoping for Tommy's level to go down a bit or mine to go up a bit.  Although at that point in quick conditions, it's not up to you anymore.  If he serves well then he's home, and I knew that.
I was just hanging on, and I'm happy I did because it paid off.  At the end, I'm very happy I was able to turn a match around like this.

Q.  With respect to 3 of 12 on breakpoints, 1 today, and I think you were 2 of 10 last match.  Something that you've seemingly struggled with the last couple years.  Can you elaborate a bit on that?
ROGER FEDERER:  It's quick here, so I'm not the favorite when it goes into breakpoints or any returns really, especially if he's serving well.
Those are the matches you have to tough it out sometimes.  In other matches, you'll make 3 of 3.  Clearly, I'm trying my very best, trying to win as many breakpoints that I can, especially‑‑ I'm a bit disappointed I'm not being able to make my opponent play a bit more.
There was many breakpoints he went just with the serve or a service [] winner or an ace, which he didn't really feel the pressure.  That's what I just have to approve a bit.
Overall, I'm looking at the big picture and just playing matches again.  I want to make sure I'm moving well and feeling fine.  A match like this gives me a lot.
Some stats will never be great, but I've never been a big stat guy anyway.  For me, it's important that I feel good at the end of the match.

Q.  On those questions, are you moving well?  Do you feel like you're where you want to be?
ROGER FEDERER:  I thought it was a bit better the first match; today maybe a tiny bit slower.  But that's also because then, you know, being down 6‑1, 3‑1, you don't feel like Superman out there.
You feel a bit slower, you feel a bit weaker, you feel a bit softer, whatever it is.  I was trying to push myself, but at the end, as the match wore on, I felt better.
That's always good news.  But clearly in the next match I want to make sure I start better and finish strong as well.

Q.  Roger, was there ever a time you thought that maybe you were out of the match?  You haven't been in this situation that often.
ROGER FEDERER:  Right.  For that reason, I was thinking that as well, that I was probably going to be out of the match.  It's not at 6‑1, 3‑1 when I clapped my hands and said, Okay, here we go.
I kind of told myself, All right.  Who knows?  But I wasn't like euphoric about it, let's be honest.

Q.  What's the dominating feeling now?  Is it a relief, a sense of relief, and now the tournament really starts?
ROGER FEDERER:  No, I'm just happy.  You know, those are the matches I knew just kind of what I need right now.  Every minute more in a match court is a good thing right now.
Let's be honest, it gives me a lot of opportunity in the next match to do better.  Gives me more information going to New York as well.  Or staying in the tournament and then hopefully giving myself a shot at the trophy again.
So there's only good things when you win.  If you lose, you have to go spend more time on the practice courts.  Spent a lot of time on the practice courts already this year.  So I'm happy it's match courts for another day, which is a good thing.

Q.  Roger, you struggled a little bit with your back last year when you won Wimbledon.  Does that give you extra confidence now, as you're dealing with some of the same problems, that you were able to achieve a lot of success even despite that?  It's been something you've been dealing with.
ROGER FEDERER:  Yeah, I mean, look, I've always played very well being hurt, actually, and sometimes that has caused problems for me that I should have retired many matches throughout my career but I didn't.  And some of those, I guess, I took chances.
Some other times it really wasn't worth it to put myself in that position in some moments I've been again this year.
But I believe when I can walk and I can hit decent, you know, you never know.  So I give myself the opportunity.  Sometimes miracles happen, like last year at Wimbledon.  You get a bit lucky or you heal well, get the extra day off, and all that stuff.
So, yeah, you never know.  I mean, I definitely have to also understand that sometimes it's better not to play.  But very often also I've sort of been able to take advantage of toughing it out and then eventually coming through and actually feeling great at the end of the tournament, like Wimbledon last year.

Q.  You might play Rafa tomorrow.  What do you think about the way he's been playing?
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, I mean, he hasn't played that much either himself.  I mean, I saw a little bit of the Darcis match at Wimbledon.  But the rest of the year for him has been unbelievable, how he came back and how successful he's played, almost always achieving finals really.
So it's a great season for him.  He's coming into this tournament clearly very confident.  I'll be excited to see how he plays tonight.  Then if I play him tomorrow, it's clearly going to be a difficult match because he comes in with a lot of confidence again.

Q.  What do you think that you think you're lacking most in your tennis?  Is it match play?  Is it confidence?  Is it fitness?
ROGER FEDERER:  Little bit of everything.  Yeah, I mean, I fell behind a little bit with the injuries I've had.  Where I wanted to actually do a lot of‑‑ how do you say‑‑ exercises and training and all that stuff.  I couldn't really do that.  I had to do more waiting and rehabbing.
I think that just adds up over time and has maybe a little dent in your confidence at times.  And then I was playing hurt as well, which was not very smart at times.  I got used to doing the wrong things because I'm protecting myself.
Then when you're fine again you're still playing like you're protecting something but actually you don't have to anymore.  So it's difficult sometimes to let go.  I think that's what I was kind of going through, and that's why I'm happy I'm pain‑free right now and just to make up my mind how I really want to play right now.
So every match is helpful in this instance.

Q.  Roger, I know Marion Bartoli is a big fan of yours.  What was your reaction to hearing that she retired?
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, I only heard this morning actually.  Some random player told me if I heard about it, and I didn't hear about it.  I think it's great for her.
Everybody who announces their retirement should be very happy and proud of what they achieved, you know.  It comes clearly at a time when maybe you wouldn't expect her to do so because she could take advantage of her rankings and it maybe filled her with motivation, but it actually maybe just pointed out that she's down either physically, mentally, whatever it is.
When somebody takes that decision, I think you can only be happy for that person, not sad.  Clearly for fans of hers they're disappointed, but I think it's always‑‑ you look back at a long and tough and grueling career, and I think she can do that too.
She had a great work ethic, and for that reason I congratulate her for taking the difficult step to retire.

Q.  Roger, before, when you talked, you sounded like somebody who's looking for answers.  Is that true?  Do you feel that way?  If so, have you ever been in that position before?
ROGER FEDERER:  Many times, yes.  Career is long, over 1,000‑some matches.  I've doubted myself in the past.  I know where I have to go, so at least I know where I am, and I know what I need to work on.
That's what I said.  Every match gives me more info to tell me if I'm on the right path or not.  But I'm a strong believer that I am on the right path right now, and I just need to make sure that mentally I stay cool about it.
I'm not putting too much pressure on myself either.  I'm really enjoying myself out there.  Today for a long time it wasn't looking good, but these are the kind of matches I need right now against Kohlschreiber.  It could have been tougher in the second set; could have been easier.
It was tough being in the breaker and battling for set point, but I fought my way back.  These are the matches I need right now, so I'm happy I'm playing again.

Q.  Could you sense that Tommy was getting a little tight in the second set during crunch time?
ROGER FEDERER:  A little bit maybe.  He wasn't maybe clutch serving like he was for a long time, and then as all of a sudden he has to go through more rallies.  Maybe then it's not what you want to do at that point.  You want to get easy points, free points, not work that hard.
From the baseline, honestly, I was all of a sudden doing a pretty good job.  I wasn't giving him much.  My backhand was solid, and my forehand, all of a sudden I was able to make a few shots.  Then that's exactly what I'm talking about.
It doesn't take much for things to go your way all of a sudden.  That's why you've always got to keep on believing.
And you're never over the finish line until you really are.  I know that is how tennis is played, so I just kept on believing.  I was lucky enough to get through today.

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