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August 11, 2013

Rory McIlroy


Q. テつLet's get the nasty stuff out of the way first of all, on a day you couldn't afford to make a big number, you made one at 5, what happened with the second shot there?
RORY MCILROY:テつ I actually didn't hit a bad shot, 168 to the pin, hit 9‑iron, pitched it just in the place where you can't pitch it I guess.テつ If I had of been a few feet right or a few feet left, it would have been fine, but just pitched in that difficult depression and came back into the water.テつ I really didn't hit a bad shot, but obviously it was disappointing.テつ Came back okay at the end.

Q.テつ Did you feel that when that happened, that was the chance gone, you were a long way back?
RORY MCILROY:テつ Yeah, exactly, was 4‑under at that point.テつ Missed a little putt on the 4th to get to 5, and then doing that, yeah, I felt like I just wanted to try and post as good a finish as I could.

Q.テつ Not for the first time this week, you did battle back and you showed some resilience, you must be proud of that to make the cut and today again?
RORY MCILROY:テつ Yeah, I played the best golf of the week today.テつ I hit some really good drives and really good iron shots.テつ Didn't quite putt as well as I did the first three days, but really, really happy with my game going into the next few weeks.

Q.テつ How big of a step is this in the right direction, do you feel?
RORY MCILROY:テつ Very big, I saw a lot of great signs out there today.テつ Hopefully I can just bring that through to the next few weeks and have a strong finish to the season.

Q.テつ A lot of birdies this week, just tighten up a few loose swings and we're pretty close, aren't we?
RORY MCILROY:テつ For sure.テつ I didn't hit many bad shots out there today.テつ Made a big number on 5 and that wasn't really‑‑ I hit a good shot, exactly what I wanted to do with it.テつ It just pitched in the exact wrong place.テつ But yeah, everything else feels pretty good.

Q.テつ The test this week, wasn't it great, with the graduated rough; if you hit it in the deep stuff, you could have had anything over there.
RORY MCILROY:テつ For sure, I thought they set the golf course up fantastically well, because you miss a drive by a long way, you're in trouble and if you miss it just a fraction, you still have a chance.テつ You still have to play a great shot but you still had a chance to get it on the green and have a chance for birdie.

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