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August 11, 2013

Marc Warren


Q. テつYou must be delighted with the week?
MARC WARREN:テつ Yeah, very delighted.テつ Like I said last week, practice went great for me, and had a really frustrating Thursday night, felt as if I was just‑‑ to take in my golf swing what I was doing, didn't play great on Thursday.テつ But I think the last three rounds, one simple feeling, committing to every shot.テつ To finish in a major, especially the PGA, with three rounds in the 60s is very pleasing.

Q.テつ How was it out there‑‑
MARC WARREN:テつ Those last four holes are going to be unbelievable.テつ 15 green is just absolutely‑‑ I was on 18 fairway just looking back.テつ It's going to be a great finish.

Q.テつ Would you have taken this result at the start of the week?
MARC WARREN:テつ I would have taken definitely the way I played, the last few days, definitely.テつ I felt really comfortable and confident over everything I was doing.テつ You know, there was absolutely‑‑ I felt the last few days, felt very stress‑free which is unusual on a golf course as tough as this.

Q.テつ For the rest of the season‑‑
MARC WARREN:テつ My year so far, you know, it's just another kind of step in the right direction I suppose.テつ The last couple years, progressing nicely, and had a decent finish in the majors, which is something I had not done before, so it's nice to tick it off.テつ And next one, obviously want to get a bit better.テつ It was a great week; great getting into the PGA first and foremost, getting the exemption to be here.テつ I think I kind of made it worth their while‑‑

Q.テつ Was that after Wentworth?
MARC WARREN:テつ They said they would take it off basically The Race to Dubai and the World Rankings, so it's a mixture of both.テつ Obviously that goes for all the world players, and that's why I got the exemption to play last week.

Q.テつ Does that give you a taste for more U.S. Majors, the Masters next?
MARC WARREN:テつ Yeah, I've played the Open, the U.S. Open and the PGA, so the Masters is the only one missing for the Warren Slam.
Hopefully this week, obviously good World Ranking points, move up a little bit this week and then just continue that and have a real strong finish to the year.
But there's so much, obviously, Ryder Cup points starting now; if you start to look at things like that, you can drive yourself crazy.テつ Like I've done this week, I've just focused on simple things and just tried to play golf.テつ In your head, it's nearly impossible, but try to make a score and go out and try on every shot‑‑ all the old clichテδゥs, I suppose.

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