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August 10, 2013

Jim Furyk


Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
JIM FURYK:テつ It was nice.テつ I don't think it would have ruined my day had it not gone in, but it was definitely the icing on the cake.
2‑over through 3 today, hit some poor golf shots, bad iron to 1, bad drive off of 2, double crossed the drive off of 3, on the par‑3.テつ Kind of got off to a bad start.テつ I was 2‑over and reeling a little bit with my swing but really stayed patient.テつ Didn't let it bother me.テつ Never really got upset with myself, never felt like panicked.
Slowly kind of got my rhythm back and my confidence back and really felt like from 4 on I hit the ball very, very well.テつ Hit a lot of great golf shots, gave myself some opportunities, knocked some putts in.
You are going to make a couple bad swings here and there.テつ I did that at 18.テつ I made a very bad swing at 18 off the tee.テつ Kind was able to laugh it off.テつ It was in the second cut of rough, so I put it up in front of the green, left myself a perfect yardage, hit a great shot.テつ Was a little disappointed, it spun back off the green.テつ I thought I hit that one stiff.テつ It was nice to knock that putt in and good cap for the day.

Q.テつ How do you describe the opportunity of tomorrow?
JIM FURYK:テつ Well, I think the way I need to treat it is it's an opportunity.テつ That's the way I have been looking at every round this week.テつ And you know, I know I'm going to go to the media room and I know someone is going to mention that I'm 43 and that I'm old and how many more chances am I going to have?
It's been so damn negative in there all week anyway.テつ I have made two trips and they've been a little negative.テつ I'm kind of waiting for it.テつ I'm going to have some fun with it.テつ You know, I'm not in the grave yet.テつ I'm going to have more opportunities ahead of me in my mind.
Tomorrow is an opportunity.テつ That is the word you used, and that is exactly the way I'm viewing it.テつ I'm going to have fun with it and I'm going to enjoy the opportunity.

Q.テつ What are you going to do differently tomorrow than the opportunity you had last year?
JIM FURYK:テつ Well, I'm not going to try to do that much different.テつ Hopefully I perform better.テつ Hopefully down the stretch I stay within myself and hit some good shots.テつ And I need to get myself to the stretch playing well and hopefully with an opportunity to win.
You know, I've always‑‑ you kind of have to have that, if you will, like a cornerback mentality.テつ You're going to get beat up in this game a little bit.テつ You have to have forget it about it, but I think you have to also look in first, figure out what you could have done better, how could I have ‑‑ what could have I have done?
I've talked about it countless times over what I could have done at the stretch at the U.S. Open or the Ryder Cup or at Akron better to change those situations.テつ They are gone.テつ I've made peace with that.テつ Hopefully what I do is I draw from that experience.テつ More mature player now and hopefully I draw some positives from it.テつ I'm a better person and better player for it.

Q.テつ Is that something conscious you came into specific to this week or is that the way you have been about not letting things phase you whatever happens as the round goes on?
JIM FURYK:テつ To be honest, I think it was probably a little bit of both.テつ There was a conscious effort earlier in the year, that I felt like I had played a lot of golf.テつ I felt like I was being hard on myself.テつ I was beating myself up.テつ I get criticized a lot for‑‑ not criticized, but I hear people say, Smile, you look angry out there.テつ That is my demeanor on the golf course.テつ Off the course I'm pretty happy‑go‑lucky.
I was getting to the point earlier in the year where I was tired and I was probably a little angry on the golf course.テつ I wasn't having a lot of fun.テつ It's hard to play like that.テつ I made a conscious effort months ago to kind of turn it around.テつ And when you are playing well, it makes it so much easier.テつ I've had my struggles.テつ I've hit bad shots this week.
I got off to a bad start today and was able to shrug it off.テつ I think that's why I turned a 2‑over start into a 2‑under finish.テつ It's kind of helped me play a lot better as well.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
JIM FURYK:テつ Just the way I play my best.テつ I really don't try to show too much emotion, upset or happy, and try to stay at a real even keel.テつ I guess it's just natural.テつ It's what I do.テつ It's nothing I do consciously.テつ I'm not trying to look like I'm not having fun.テつ I mean, I'm lucky I get to play a game for a living.テつ I've been doing it for 20years.テつ I wouldn't want to do anything else.
I enjoy playing.テつ I enjoy competing.テつ I'm having a good time out there.テつ I guess I wish it showed more.テつ It's just me.テつ I'm not going to change anything to try to make it come out.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
JIM FURYK:テつ A little bit.テつ The greens were still receptive.テつ You can still hit kind of flat shots and the ball wasn't going to get away from you.テつ The fairways started to roll a little bit more, so the golf course played a little bit shorter than it did yesterday.テつ It's starting to dry out, played a little bit more difficult.テつ I thought the greens were a little bit quicker.
And I think if that continues, obviously I think we have a great weather report.テつ I expect it to be a little firmer, a little tougher tomorrow.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
JIM FURYK:テつ I think those moments, you know, first of all, you have to get yourself to that position; and second of all, I think you make those decisions, they are more calculated.テつ Don't say on the fly, but they are calculated when the situation arises.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
JIM FURYK:テつ Well, I need to make birdie on 18.テつ I can promise you I'm flying one at the pin.テつ There is a spot.
Again, I said something to you earlier that you kind of grabbed on to.テつ There's a difference between aggressive and stupid.テつ I think aggressive is always good.テつ You can pick a conservative line off the tee or a conservative into the fat part of the green, you still have to make an aggressive swing.テつ You pick and choose your spots when you can be aggressive on calculated risks when you think that it gives you the best opportunity to play well.

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