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August 10, 2013

Steve Stricker


Q.テつ You've still got to wait for everybody to come in, but what do you think about the spot you are in?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I'm in a decent spot.テつ I don't know, I'm going to be three or four behind probably at the end of the day, and I've got a chance.テつ That's all I can ask for, I guess.
It was a much more difficult day out there today with the wind blowing out of the northwest about 10 to 15miles an hour made, it club selection and some of the holes play pretty difficult today.

Q.テつ Was this based on the drying out and the wind more of the Oak Hill you expected coming in?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ It's really not dry yet.テつ The greens are still receptive.テつ The fairways are still soft.テつ They are playing wider than they are.
It's still probably easier than when we played it on Monday and Tuesday, but that wind today made things challenging.テつ The first few holes were difficult, left‑to‑right winds.
No. 3, 220yards, right straight into the wind.テつ So it was challenging to pick the right club and I didn't do a very good job of that a few times on the front side and had to scramble a few times.テつ I always left myself in a good spot where I could scramble.
But overall, it was much more demanding day, especially the shots into the green.

Q.テつ Fun to be part of the finish tomorrow?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ There's a lot of great players up there on top.テつ Furyk is obviously playing well.テつ Adam Scott is up there.テつ Yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun.テつ You know, it's still‑‑ we have got 18 holes, so there is a lot that can happen in that stretch of golf.
Just have to be patient and go out there and hopefully get off to a good start and get right in the mix real early.

Q.テつ Do you go after a number or just go out and play?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Just go out and play.テつ See what everybody is doing and hopefully pay enough attention to my game where I can throw in a couple of birdies.
I birdied No. 1 today, but gave it right back at 4.テつ If I can get an early birdie and get some momentum going and maintain that, which is difficult on a course like this, is maintaining that momentum all the way around because there's usually a time or two you are going to hit it in the rough and par becomes a challenge.
Tomorrow hopefully everything goes well and I have a chance coming down the back nine.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Well, you know, it's‑‑ anybody who is up on top of the leaderboard is playing well and that means they are putting well.テつ The greens were a little bit better today.
I played yesterday afternoon and they got a little beat up, little chopped up.テつ It was tough to get the speed, especially uphill.
Today they rolled out much nicer.テつ They were smoother, they were quicker than yesterday.テつ I imagine tomorrow with another day of drying, you know, overnight dry and weather looks great for tomorrow that they will pick up a little bit of speed and they'll probably be smoother.
And so I don't know if it's an advantage to me, to answer your question, but everybody who's up there in the top must be playing and putting well.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I had 216 to the front on 17, 240 to the hole and I hit a 3‑wood.
Then 18, I had 184 to the hole and hit a 5‑iron.

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