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August 10, 2013

Kevin Streelman


Q.テつ Feel the wind picking up now and the sun is out?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ Yeah, I mean, it's nice to feel that sun today.テつ I was telling those guys I played at the very end of the day yesterday and the greens got really bumpy.テつ And they are so wet, obviously, that it was tough to make many putts.
I was excited to get on some fresh greens this morning and was able to make a lot of putts today.
Game feels good.テつ I have been hitting it good all week and chipping it really well and see what happens tomorrow.

Q.テつ Just talk about the position you are in now.テつ What do you hope to see the leader finish at and where do you think it needs to be for you to have a shot?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ Well, it's hard for me to think too much like that.テつ I have got to do the best I can do.テつ There's too many good players up there for all of them to fall back.テつ But I wouldn't be surprised if someone got to double digits today.テつ The greens are just soft and the fairways are soft so you are able to hit fairways and we're able to attack pins.テつ You are going to make birdies, which I think is fun for everybody, exciting for the fans.テつ The course is in magnificent shape.

Q.テつ How meaningful was it to win earlier this year?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ It was huge, I would say.テつ It was my sixth year out here and I felt it was time.テつ I felt comfortable in that situation.テつ I told a lot of people that I had been in that situation enough times and not come through that I was just going to go out there and give it my all.テつ If I didn't come through again, it wouldn't be that big a deal.テつ I went out there free swinging and hit a lot of great shots, was able to bring it home.

Q.テつ You go after some pins today?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ With the right numbers and the right wind conditions, yes.テつ I would say a little more so than like the British or the U.S. Open this year just because the greens are so much softer.
At the same time, you are picking up a little mud on the balls.テつ So you are getting a couple of ball flights out there on the fairways.テつ But again, it's the same for everybody.テつ You just play through it and do your best.テつ There are a few more, I'd say, than the other majors that you can kind of go after with these soft greens.

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