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August 10, 2013

Dustin Johnson


Q.テつ Talk about your round and the conditions out there.
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ I've been playing‑‑ I felt like I played a lot better than my score was for the first couple of days.
Today I hit it really well.テつ The only bogey I made was on No. 5 and that was from the fairway.テつ But I had a mud ball.テつ Just kind of shot it up to the right and actually hit a good pitch and missed a short putt.テつ Rolled the putter really well and just gave myself a lot of opportunities to make birdie.

Q.テつ Talk about what you want to see the leaders do today.テつ What number do you think you could maybe reach tomorrow?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ You just never know.テつ If the wind stays up‑‑ I thought it was playing pretty tough out there.テつ I played really well today, drove it well, drove it in the fairway, made some good putts.
If this wind picks up, even par is a good score, I think.テつ We'll just have to see what they do.
Going into tomorrow, same game plan.テつ Same thing I've been doing all week, just try to hit the fairways and get it on the green and get a look at birdie.
This morning going out, the greens were perfect.テつ So you knew if you hit good putts it was going in the hole.

Q.テつ Just to follow up on that, a lot of the players commented yesterday you could see footprints later into the day.テつ How clean were the greens today?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ This morning the greens were perfect, couldn't ask for any better.テつ Obviously with no rain helped to‑‑ weren't quite as soft, which was nice.
Yesterday afternoon they got a little bumpy, but with the rain and 160 guys walking on them‑‑ we were playing in the afternoon.テつ It gets‑‑ they are going to get bumpy.テつ Just something you have got to deal with it.
This morning we went out and the greens were absolutely perfect.

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