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August 9, 2013

K.J. Choi


Q.テつ You got yourself right back in the tournament, what was working for you out there?
K.J. CHOI:テつ Yesterday, I'm starting in scoring, tee shot position, many double‑bogeys, and No. 6 over the green in the water, and then double‑bogey.
Today my focus is a couple under par, is a very good start, but the more help in the morning in the rain, so afternoon is more soft, the greens.
So we know 7‑iron, 6‑iron in there top quick and more aggressive you hit it, the closer the pin.テつ So make many putts ten, 15, 20 feet.テつ I'm very impressed the short game and the driving.テつ Yesterday driving terrible.テつ So I need a new one change, could help my game.

Q.テつ Do you feel confident going into the weekend that you'll keep improving?
K.J. CHOI:テつ The putting feel, I'm putting yesterday fantastic, but a couple shot in the wrong spot and a double‑bogey.テつ So I'll continue in the morning as I'm putting a little bit in the practice pin, continue my game so more feel coming.テつ On golf courses, it's the same thing, so more confidence coming, more ball‑striking better.
Very important in the future is my short game and the putting.テつ A couple years ago, I'm very bad in the putting system under five feet, ten feet, problems.テつ This week I not miss today or yesterday, so I'm very happy my game.

Q.テつ At what point in the round today did you feel like you were putting together a great round?
K.J. CHOI:テつ You know, my game is important in the tee shot, and the putting, because this rough is very thick, and you miss the fairway, any time in the chip out.テつ So more accuracy in the fairway make this very difficult yesterday.テつ Today just a couple missed shot, so making the short game and the putting‑‑ so more focused on the weekend so keep in the fairway and more position for the iron shot and more make the putting.テつ Continue my game in the positive, and so far, it's more confidence.

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