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August 9, 2013

Jim Furyk


Q.テつ Talk about your round today and the weather conditions.
JIM FURYK:テつ The conditions definitely changed.テつ The golf course was a little more wet, little soggy and sloppy in spots.テつ That might it right for scoring.テつ The weather forecast showed the winds or the breeze kicking up a little bit this afternoon and it never really did.テつ We had a very calm after.テつ The greens were real soft.テつ The fairways were real soft.
The golf course played quite long compared to what it has been, but it allowed guys to get aggressive and scoring was good again.
As far as my round, yesterday was kind of a pretty round of golf where I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens.テつ Had a lot of opportunities, knocked some putts in, just felt good like I was in control.
Today I had to gut it out a little bit.テつ I got the ball in the fairway pretty good for most of the round.テつ Iron game wasn't as sharp today.テつ It wasn't a pretty 68, but nonetheless it was a 68.テつ Putting was real solid, picked me up out of a few holes where I made some key 5‑ and 6‑footers there on the back nine and kept myself in the good spot in the tournament.

Q.テつ How do you feel the state of your game is going into the weekend?
JIM FURYK:テつ I feel good.テつ I have got some confidence built up from the last couple of weeks in the last two events finishing in the Top‑10.
Like I said, it was a beautiful round of golf yesterday.テつ Although maybe I wasn't firing on all cylinders and maybe I wasn't striking the ball as good as I was yesterday, it gives me a lot of confidence to go in there, get the ball up and down a few times, gut it out and still shoot 68 on a tough golf course.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
JIM FURYK:テつ Well, I think in some respects, yeah.テつ It's definitely limiting the bombers off the tee, fairways are pinched in spots.テつ You know, I would probably prefer to see it firmer and faster than what we are right now.
I do like the golf course.テつ I like the layout.テつ I don't really think‑‑ you know, what I think helps me a little bit is we're all playing from the same positions in the fairway.テつ I'm not giving up 40yards on a lot of holes, if that makes sense.
You go to Kiawah last year, I was.テつ I played with Rory the first couple of rounds, and we were playing from completely opposite parts of the golf course with iron shots.テつ Here that is not quite the idea.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
JIM FURYK:テつ I'm going to have the same game plan as I've had the first two days, really worrying about what I'm doing, my game.テつ I want to get some a little better rhythm in the morning with my irons.テつ They weren't as crisp today.テつ I want to get some rhythm on the range in the morning and try to carry that through the round.テつ You know, it's really about trying to shoot another good round of golf and again put myself in a good position for Sunday.
As far as who is on the leaderboard, I know it's exciting for y'all and it's exciting for the fans, but I've got to kind of stay in my own bubble and play my game.

Q.テつ Jason Dufner had the round of the day.テつ Given the conditions, are you surprised?
JIM FURYK:テつ I mean, it's a difficult question.テつ I'm surprised with anyone shoots 63 in a major championship, but also I was kind of following because I could see it on the board.テつ I knew he had 7‑under.テつ I was on the 14th tee right behind 18 green when he hit that second shot.テつ I could hear the roar and knew he had a big putt to shoot the lowest score in major championship history.テつ So I was kind of pulling for him to be honest with you.テつ That's a pretty good feat.
I saw a tape of it when I was in the scoring tent.テつ I realized he left the putt short, but great round.テつ I guess, you are never surprised when conditions are good, great players find a way.テつ Someone finds a way to shoot a low number.テつ You know, today it happened it was a bunch of guys but Jason fired the best one.

Q.テつ How good does it feel to get back into contention in a major championship?
JIM FURYK:テつ It feels good.テつ I had a decent run, played decent at Augusta early on and then kind of‑‑ I think I fell back either on Saturday or Sunday.テつ I can't remember.
I obviously didn't play well this year at the U.S. Open or the British.テつ I try not to treat the preparation for the major championships any different.テつ The biggest difference really is we're here longer.テつ Guys come in earlier because we don't see the course year in and year out like we do on Tour.テつ So that also adds for a little bit of anxiety and getting anxious when the week starts.テつ But I try to pretty much treat it the same, and it feels good to be in contention really in any event, but it's special when it's a major.

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