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August 9, 2013

Robert Garrigus


Q.テつ Obviously disappointing finishing bogey‑bogey, but overall 68?
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ Yeah, you know, I was on fire again early.テつ Swinged well today.テつ Got out of position a couple of times, got a couple of really good breaks, just making putts and got (indiscernible) on 10, had to wedge in, that's a birdie hole, made bogey there.
Hit a good putt on 9 for par, just wobbled out and missed.
I birdied 11 again, played that hole 2‑under.テつ It's a 240‑yard par‑3, so I have been striking the ball well and I'm pleased where I'm at.テつ I've got a chance for the weekend, that's all I can ask for.

Q.テつ You borrowed a putter from your coach.テつ Tell us about that.
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ Yeah, he brought it out on the putting green Saturday before we came over here at TPC Scottsdale.テつ He just want me to try the grip.テつ He didn't want me to, you know, for the putter at all.テつ It's a Ping wide putter that they don't even make anymore.テつ So I better not break this one, because I'm rolling pretty well.
It's kind of weird how things happen.テつ It's longer, the grip is bigger, I've never putted with anything like it before.テつ It's working.テつ I don't care how it's going in the hole, but it is.テつ And I'm happy.

Q.テつ You've nicknamed your putters in the past, Dr. Evil and Mini Me.テつ What is this one called?
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ We'll call it the Tweener.テつ It's right in between the short one and the long one.テつ I guess that's what I'll go with right now.

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