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August 9, 2013

Bob Gaus


Q.テつ First of all, just the thrill of competing, take me back to a few months ago when you found out you were going to actually be in the tournament?
BOB GAUS:テつ Well, shoot, I mean, it was a pretty good feeling.テつ I was in Sunriver, Oregon.テつ Had to do it the hard way, do it through a playoff.テつ But just to get off, I'm pretty excited about it, pretty happy.

Q.テつ How many major championships does this make for you and how special has it been?
BOB GAUS:テつ Well, seven altogether.テつ Well, eight.テつ Let's see, hold on.テつ Five PGA, two U.S. Opens, one Senior.
Being 52years old, this ranks up there as pretty good.テつ I figured my days were kind of over with.テつ Getting in this, coming here was pretty nice.テつ Very nice place.テつ I had a good time.

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