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August 9, 2013

Rob Labritz


Q.テつ You got into this championship in dramatic style.テつ Tell me about the first time you teed off and take me through the whole championship.
ROB LABRITZ:テつ I was ready to go.テつ I felt great.テつ I was hitting the ball extremely well.テつ I just set up to it and put a nice pure swing at it, right down the right side.テつ Felt really good to get the championship off to a great start.

Q.テつ You looked pretty loose up there, as well?
ROB LABRITZ:テつ Yes, I had great playing partners and I'm pretty confident in my own abilities and my game.テつ My score, unfortunately, didn't pan out this week.テつ But it is what it is.

Q.テつ At 7:10 Thursday morning, how many people were in your gallery?
ROB LABRITZ:テつ I would have to say 40 or 50, which was very nice.テつ The support that's come out of my club and Rochester here has been amazing.テつ I hope we have another PGA championship here again.テつ I hope I qualify for it and play up here and compete.

Q.テつ Obviously the week didn't turnout exactly how you'd planned it, but it looked like you had a lot of fun out there?
ROB LABRITZ:テつ A great amount of fun, a lot more fun today.
The front nine yesterday was just my sinking of the ship, so to speak.テつ Had a couple of double bogeys.テつ You can't do that in a major championship.テつ And I didn't follow it up with enough birdies unfortunately.
I played well.テつ I still feel like I have control over my game and my golf ball.テつ I know what I need to work on in my game, my putting and chipping.テつ If I can make a few more birdies, I'll be right there.

Q.テつ We were there on your last hole, it's almost like you finished really pretty solidly.テつ It's like you didn't want it to end?
ROB LABRITZ:テつ I don't want it to end.テつ I want to play the next two days like I did at Whistling.テつ You know, I had four rounds there and I feel like I'm good enough to have four rounds here without a doubt.テつ It's disappointing to shoot 11 over par for two rounds.
Again, didn't make enough putts.テつ I know what I need to work on.

Q.テつ I guess one of my last questions would be I know your son was out here, how was that?
ROB LABRITZ:テつ It's great.テつ To have my whole family out here, and Mythias (ph), he understands at ten years old what's going on now.テつ He did say to me, he said, "Dad, you need to do this full time."テつ I said, "Buddy, we've got to get a Tour card first."テつ Once we obtain that, if it ever comes our way, then we'll be out here and doing it and chasing it.

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