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August 9, 2013

Kohki Idoki


Q.テつテつ How many trips have you had to the United States?

Q.テつ What was the biggest difference for you for the PGA Championship, as opposed to the Senior PGA Championship?
KOHKI IDOKI:テつ Senior player has power, but major players, more lively.テつ More energy.

Q.テつ And how about Oak Hill, can you talk about Oak Hill, this golf course?
KOHKI IDOKI:テつ Very hard.

Q.テつ You are known as being a man who keeps the ball in the fairway, accuracy with the driver.テつ Were you having problems after nine holes yesterday?
KOHKI IDOKI:テつ Keep in fairways is always hard.

Q.テつ What happened yesterday after nine holes?テつ You were going so well yesterday.
KOHKI IDOKI:テつ Wind changed and just not concentrate on the wind speed well.

Q.テつ The wind changed and you couldn't calculate the wind speed well.テつ How about the greens?
KOHKI IDOKI:テつ Greens are very nice greens.

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