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August 9, 2013

Chip Sullivan


CHIP SULLIVAN:テつ Well, I took the‑‑ I put back my old driver and my old 3‑wood that I have been playing with for a couple of years at least.テつ I thought that maybe an adjustment with my driver and 3‑wood this week was going to help me get it out there further.
It looked great on the range, but those clubs ended up on the first day putting me in the left woods six times yesterday.テつ It just, it killed me.テつ I can't play out of the left side of the woods.テつ I mean, anything that goes left, I'm in trouble.テつ I'm a fader of the ball and I always play everything off the left side and work it back to the right.テつ If that ball stays left or goes further left, it's a long day for me.
So that's what happened yesterday.テつ My putting didn't save me.テつ I putted poorly, as well.
So I put my old equipment back in and hit a lot more fairways, stayed out of the left trees and had a couple of boo‑boos on the par‑3s, especially 15.テつ I left it short left and that was the kiss of death there.テつ It was a double bogey.テつ But you know, you can't play this golf course if your swing is not‑‑ is not on.テつ There's a little fundamental flaw I have got going in my swing.テつ You can't play out of the rough and that's what happened to me.テつ I just wasn't hitting my spots like I wish I could have.

Q.テつ How tough was it out there?テつ It was pretty much constant rain?
CHIP SULLIVAN:テつ That front nine was tough.テつ I don't usually mind playing in the rain too much.テつ But you know, you just got‑‑ if you are hitting the ball well, which my playing partner, Chris Stroud, he was hitting it pretty well.テつ The golf course is there for the taking, but when you are not hitting it well and you are trying to find your swing, the golf course is extremely difficult.

Q.テつ How does this course rank as far as other courses you have played as far as difficulty and that?
CHIP SULLIVAN:テつ It's up there.テつ For me personally it's up there as one of the toughest.

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