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August 9, 2013

Jason Day


Q.テつ Strong start?
JASON DAY:テつ You know, it was good.テつ I got off to a nice start and bogeyed 18, which is understandable.テつ I hit it right again.テつ So it wasn't too good there, but I nearly hit it out of bounds on the par‑5.

Q.テつ The 4th hole?
JASON DAY:テつ So I made a mess there.テつ Overall, I actually played pretty decent again today, just a couple of holes.

Q.テつ Is it the driver at the moment that's holding you back a little bit?
JASON DAY:テつ You know what, I think I'm going to go back to my old driver.テつ Just putting it in, I hit the Slider great on the range and in the practice round I hit it great, but right now I'm just not hitting it as well as I should.テつ I think I'm compensating in my other swings with my irons, as well.
So I think the next step is just to go and hit some balls on the range with my old driver and try to get that feeling back again.

Q.テつ Raining pretty good out there for a while.テつ How tough was that?
JASON DAY:テつ It rained for a good solid, I think, 14 holes for us.テつ So it just didn't stop.テつ I know that we‑‑ I hit 7‑iron into 3 yesterday, and I hit 3‑iron into it today.テつ So you know, it's playing pretty tough when it was pouring.テつ It pretty much poured the whole time.
I think the afternoon guys will have a meal of the course as long as they keep it straight.テつ With how wet the ground is, there's a lot of mud balls that are coming up now.テつ With the how wet the rough will be, it's going to be tough if you don't hit it down the middle.テつ I think the guys on the afternoon definitely had the better draw, but not by the looks of Scotty and Webb that are playing out there.テつ They look like they are playing pretty solid.

Q.テつ How do you feel about your position now?
JASON DAY:テつ Well, I think it's just‑‑ it's not too bad.テつ I just got to keep chipping away.テつ I have got two days to capitalize and try and win my first major.テつ I think I just got to keep plugging away and playing.テつ We're going to get good weather over the next two days and I think the course setup will be a bit tougher.テつ With the pressure of trying to win a major, it's obviously difficult for us.テつ Hopefully the lead doesn't get away too far.

Q.テつ You focus so much mentally, how difficult is it?
JASON DAY:テつ Yeah, I think you have to kind of shorten the preshot routine a little bit when you are out there.テつ It can kind of mess with a few things, with your rhythm a little bit.テつ You got of the days like this where you have to hit it on the go.
I'm glad I finished at 1‑over in the end.テつ It could have been worse and it could have been better as well, but just happy with how everything went.

Q.テつ When you talk about the conditions, how many shots harder are you talking about compared to the practice round?
JASON DAY:テつ Well, I mean, even yesterday with the conditions that we had today, I think it was playing at least, I mean, a couple shots harder.テつ With how soft the greens are, it's accessible.
But we're hitting a lot longer golf clubs today.テつ We're hitting a lot more drivers today than I did yesterday, so it's not so many irons off the tees.テつ It's a lot more drivers, so you have to keep it straight.テつ It's very difficult.
It got a little windy for a little bit, but it wasn't too bad.テつ It was mainly just rain.

Q.テつ When you talk about going back to your old driver, is that the one you used in Augusta?
JASON DAY:テつ Yeah.

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