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August 9, 2013

Adam Scott


Q.テつ Just talk about where you are after yesterday.テつ At this point, you're still in the lead.テつ Are you feeling pretty good still?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Yeah, feeling good.テつ It was stuff this morning.テつ It was raining pretty hard on and off, and the course was playing tough.テつ So it was nice to get off to a good start while the tough conditions were out there and I managed to hang on.テつ The course is obviously softening up, and I'm sure some guys will take advantage of that.
But so far so good for two days.

Q.テつ Is Justin paying you back a little bit for what you were putting him through yesterday?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Yeah, he definitely made my 30 look ordinary on the front nine with his 29.テつ It's a great nine holes of golf to put himself right in the tournament.
I'm excited for the weekend with where I sit.

Q.テつ Phil thought the weather made the harder holes play harder and easy holes play easier.テつ Do you agree?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Yeah, I think that's a pretty fair assessment.テつ 17 and 18 were just brutal when we were on them.テつ They were playing so long.
Then the holes you had wedges to today, the ball was just sticking in there close.テつ If you got it in the fairway, you had a good chance to score.テつ The greens this morning were rolling beautifully, so I'm sure guys made plenty of putts.

Q.テつ Regardless of what happens this afternoon, you got to feel you're obviously in a great spot.テつ Talk about getting in the weekend and playing this well up to this point?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Yeah, it's really pleasing because you know, I've been working really hard to try and get myself in these kind of positions.テつ Only halfway there this week, but it's so important to get off to starts.
These are such long, tough weeks that if you can get ahead of the game a little bit, it take as little bit of the pressure off.テつ But tomorrow is going to be fun.テつ Hopefully that leaves me in a spot where a good round will give me a chance at the trophy.

Q.テつ How much different does it feel good to be in this position having already won a major?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Well, it's a good feeling, but I haven't won the PGA.テつ So a little nervous still.

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