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August 9, 2013

Martin Kaymer


Q.テつ How do you assess your round out there?
MARTIN KAYMER:テつ For the conditions, the circumstances, very good.テつ It was just about trying to keep it simple for yourself, make it easy, hit fairways, hit greens.
The first 12 holes were very tough to play.テつ It plays very long, the golf course, now.テつ You know, the greens were fantastic in the morning, so that is a positive about today.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
MARTIN KAYMER:テつ I missed two greens only.テつ You know, it's just very tough when you have soft greens and the pins are in the back.テつ It's very tough to attack those especially if you have only wedge or 9‑iron in your hand.テつ You know it's going to spin; therefore, it was very tough to be aggressive.
A day like this, you don't want to make silly mistakes.テつ You take your pars, you just collect your pars.テつ You're trying to hole long putts in order to make birdies, but you don't force anything.テつ That's why, you know, I played safe, but still in an aggressive way, which was really nice.テつ So overall it was a good round.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
MARTIN KAYMER:テつ Obviously when we talked about the greens earlier, I think it was good to play in the morning because the greens are very soft now.テつ And obviously a lot of people will walk over the greens; they are only going to get worse.
We had very tough conditions yesterday.テつ The first 12 holes was very tough, especially when you hit drives there is a lot of water on your club face, on the ball, sometimes it is just a guess of where the ball is going to go.
Therefore, I talked to Rory the last hole and said, you know, if we shoot something around par today or maybe even 1 or 2‑under, it is a fantastic score, mentally‑wise, because we had it very tough this morning.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
MARTIN KAYMER:テつ Very, very difficult.テつ It's maybe easier if you are in the spotlight your entire life, if cameras are around you since you are 3, 4, 5 years old.
So for me it was a big surprise, the expectations, the expectations, the pressure that comes from the outside and the expectations for yourself.テつ All of a sudden the expectations from yourself comes from the people, from the media, from the friends and the fans.テつ So it's little bit of a strange situation that you need to get used to.
But overall, it's all positive.テつ I think Rory, he did it very, very well the last couple of years.テつ And the way he plays golf now‑‑ I played with him last week, I played with him the last two rounds.テつ He plays different, different than a lot of other players.テつ He is a great talent that we don't even need to talk about.テつ So I think he will do well.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
MARTIN KAYMER:テつ Me?テつ To be honest with you, when I became No. 1, it was a surprise.テつ I was not playing like the best player on the planet.テつ I didn't feel like the best player.テつ And therefore, I needed to change a few things.
Obviously I dropped down in the world rankings, but I didn't care about that.テつ It was about the feeling that you have.テつ If other people see you as being No. 1, but you don't see yourself as No. 1, how can you play like No. 1?テつ That's not possible.テつ Therefore, I became a better player now, yeah.

Q.テつ And how is your game now?
MARTIN KAYMER:テつ I'm able to every shot I want.テつ I was not able to do that when I came on tour in 2010, 2011.テつ Now I don't have any trouble with drawing the ball, fading the ball.テつ That's nice.テつ You become more of a complete player.

Q.テつ What did you struggle with the most?
MARTIN KAYMER:テつ What I said, the expectations.テつ You just want to play golf; that is all you want to do.テつ You get distracted a lot.テつ You get distracted by all the people, the fans, the media.テつ They expect so much all of a sudden, which is fine, and they can.テつ You are currently the best player in the world.テつ So that's what we‑‑ yeah, what people want to see.
But it's not easy.テつ It's not easy to keep up those expectations; and therefore, I think Rory did brilliant.テつ He's still very young and he's a good kid and I don't see any problem.

Q.テつ (Inaudible)?
MARTIN KAYMER:テつ I played really well last week.テつ I had good practice sessions the last few months.テつ It was just a matter of time that everythingfalls together.テつ And my short game has become a lot better, so I'm not surprised.テつ I'm just happy where I am and I want to become better.テつ It's all fine.

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