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August 8, 2013

Jerzy Janowicz


R. NADAL/J. Janowicz
7‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You played well today.テつ A tough loss.テつ Do you take any positives from this?テつ Do you feel your game was in good shape today?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, actually I'm not.テつ Actually I'm upset a little bit.テつ I didn't practice at all after Hamburg, so I didn't play tennis for two weeks.
I'm still quite happy I was able to get three matches.テつ That's the most important for me, to get as many matches as possible before US Open.
Today, even without my best game, without serve, especially first serve, I was able to fight.テつ Against Rafa I had my chances in the first set.テつ This one quite easy volley, 30‑All, it was my chance to get the first set.テつ If I would win the first set, you never know.
Yeah, anyway today I was playing better than last two matches.テつ But I'm still far from my best tennis.

Q.テつ You also had to play in front of some intense crowds yesterday with the Canadians, similar to the atmosphere at Wimbledon.テつ Does any of that get to you at all?テつ How does that motivate you?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ It's always nice when the crowd is helping me.テつ Yesterday the crowd is, I would say, disturbing me.テつ They were even clapping after first‑serve miss.テつ If the crowd is trying to make you crazy, sometimes you are going nuts, yeah.
Everything is fine as long as they are not trying to piss you off.

Q.テつ If you compare yesterday's crowd to the crowd you had back in Miami earlier this season, how does it compare?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Miami was much worse, no?テつ Yesterday was still fun (smiling).

Q.テつ When you were up 3‑Love in the second set, what do you think turned the momentum?テつ What was the turning point there?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I was trying with my serve all the time.テつ I didn't put too many first serve, especially in the end of the first set.テつ Second set I was making couple of double‑faults.テつ So this was the problem.
If I would play normally, my normal tennis, not even best tennis, just normal consistent serve.テつ But I was struggling with my serve a lot and this was the problem.

Q.テつ Part of what people like about your game is you're honest on and off the court.テつ Do you find any challenges with that?テつ Do you mind showing emotion on the court?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, I'm just myself.テつ I'm not trying to copy anybody.テつ That's it.テつ That's me.

Q.テつ They've given you the nickname the Polverizer.テつ Do you like that that?

Q.テつ Because your Pole, and pulverize means one extreme to the next.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Whatever.テつ If you like it (smiling).

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