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November 16, 2001

Raymond Floyd

Dana Quigley


THE MODERATOR: We have Raymond Floyd and Dana Quigley. Congratulations on your match and your win. Just start out with some overall comments, please. Dana, could you begin?

DANA QUIGLEY: Sure. Obviously, I didn't have a whole lot of experience to draw from, but I think Raymond made me feel very comfortable on the first tee today. He told me I didn't have to apologize when I screwed up and I held him to it. I didn't say I'm sorry too often.

RAYMOND FLOYD: I went both ways because I said I was not going to, either.

DANA QUIGLEY: It was quite interesting for me not knowing what to expect. I was pretty nervous on the first tee and probably throughout the front nine. Raymond made a couple of putts early, a couple of great chip shots; and he made a putt on 3 for birdie, and I got a little bit more comfortable at that point. Any other player besides Raymond may not have made me feel as comfortable as I did today, so it was a great pairing for me.

THE MODERATOR: Raymond, your thoughts, please?

RAYMOND FLOYD: We just don't play this format, so it's fairly difficult. I guess the last time I played -- I played alternate-shot last week in the Shark Shootout, but it's not pure alternate, it's drive and then select and that is much, much easier because you can almost be guaranteed one drive. But when you have to think about it, the odd and even holes, I gave it some thought last night, and Dana is such a good driver of the ball, the holes I felt you needed to hook it against the wind, I felt like make maybe the odd holes were a little better suited for me and the evens for Dana. As it turns out, look where he drove it at the 18th, you could not put the field out there and ask for a better drive than that. But it is a fun format. Dana is quite a good player, and when you've got a guy that you know can get it down into play and on the green, you know you're going to have -- you might not win, but you know you are going to be right there in the hunt. So I was very comfortable when I heard that we were teamed together and it worked. So, I'm glad we got in and got a point on the last green. I would not mind playing tomorrow with Dana in the better ball because he's going to be there on every hole.

DANA QUIGLEY: The shot that kind of put the match today, on the 11th hole Raymond hit a tremendous drive down there and I hit a 7-wood on the green, a scary shot with a wedge, let alone a 7-wood and I hit it right on the edge. If we make a 4 there, we go 4-up and it's pretty close to over; and we didn't, and as match play would have, it they win the next three and then we are struggling and trying to get a point out of this deal.

Q. Can you talk about the turning point or where you felt the turning point was toward the end?

DANA QUIGLEY: Yeah, towards the end, they drove it in the crap on, what is it on 15, they drove it right in the hay. And Raymond hit a drive down the right side real long and down in the right rough. And I had an uphill lie into the crosswind and they had chipped out. And Stanley had, I'm going to guess, probably a 7- or 6-iron that looked from our advantage point to about five feet. So I said, "Man, they are going to tie us with 4 here." I was thinking of trying to hit it on the green if they didn't get it; looked like they would make par and I should try to take it more towards the pin. And luckily I hit a nice shot that went the right there and it was all Raymond after that. He putted it -- there was no shot that the ball could ever get out of the hole. That was basically it. When you get 2-up, with two to play, especially on two hard holes, you make a par, you're probably going to get in with a win.

RAYMOND FLOYD: I think that was it, 15, it looked like they were going it make a great par; that was the knife in the heart, I think. They conceded the next, but I feel we could have birdied that one. We had it about five or six feet for birdie there, so that was good to come back and play those holes particularly well after they had caught us.

Q. Just thoughts on being the only U.S. team to score a point today?

RAYMOND FLOYD: Well, it is a team format, but my goodness, it even made our match more important. To be 5 1/2 to 1/2, wow, I'd hate to go to bed tonight, at least it's a little bit more palatable this way. We knew we were going to have tough matches here. They have a fabulous side and it's going to be tough throughout. We had better catch up a little bit tomorrow. We can't be 3- or 4-down going into the singles.

DANA QUIGLEY: We might have to bring Crenshaw in for a pep talk tonight.

Q. Did you know heading into 18 what the situation was, that you needed to hold on and get that point for the U.S.?

DANA QUIGLEY: Naturally we knew -- it looked like his shot might go into the right weeds from our advantage point on the tee. I was just trying to get Raymond somewhere on the fairway and I swung -- I don't have a very good golf swing, but that time, the center of the ball hit the center of the club and it went where I was looking, which was -- I didn't want Raymond locking at me funny.

RAYMOND FLOYD: They put the two classic swings together. (Laughter.)

Q. Could you comment about the difference in the golf course today now and ten years ago and how the pressure is -- I know they can't compare, but some of the pros and cons of what's going on now versus then?

RAYMOND FLOYD: Well, the greens are more receptive today. As you know, in '91, the golf course was really brand new and the greens were very hard and very fast. The wind blew harder. We played all of the back tees. The golf course is playable. In the Ryder Cup in '91, any hole you parred, you had a good chance of winning it in match play. So the golf course, as it has matured has become easier because the greens are a little more receptive. But again, if we were playing back where we played in '91, it would be somewhat easier because of the greens being softer, but still it's a wonderful golf course. It's very difficult. You can't make a mistake anywhere. Anytime, you hit an errant shot, chances are you are going to make bogey or higher. So you have to stay pretty much in focus for 18 holes here.

Q. Are you guys surprised as all how much this turned in the international team's favor in the afternoon and will you guys meet tonight or anything like that?

RAYMOND FLOYD: I'm not the captain. I don't make that call, but I'm sure Arnold is going to have some words of wisdom for us here when we get in.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much and good luck the rest of the weekend.

End of FastScripts....

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