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August 8, 2013

Ryan Moore


Q.テつ Pretty steady round, a lot of pars?
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah, I controlled the ball well around the golf course and when I did miss it, I missed in places where I had reasonable shots at least.テつ You can definitely put it in the wrong place here real quick, and I avoided those places for the most part until No.9, I kind of left a pretty tough third shot there.
But fortunately escaped only dropping one shot.テつ Under par in the first round of a major is a good thing.テつ It's a tough golf hole, because you've got to put it in the right place off the tee, and if you pull it a little bit it goes in the right‑hand rough you can't get any height on it going to the green.テつ If you push it right, then you're chipping out.テつ It's a really good, tough hole and I unfortunately just pulled it just a bit and barely snuck it into the second cut of rough where I just couldn't quite get the club on it.テつ Overall, I really hit the ball really well today and made the putts I kind of should have.

Q.テつ The delay, no big deal for you?
RYAN MOORE: Didn't bother me too much.テつ I came right out and hit some good shots right away.テつ That's all you hope for on a delay like that.テつ If you're playing pretty well, you hope to come out and hit a good shot or two early on; if not, maybe in a bad little funk.テつ But I hit some good shots right away and had birdie chances and converted on my second hole and kind of kept going.

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