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August 8, 2013

Matt Kuchar


Q.テつ What do you think of the course so far with a lot of red numbers out here?
MATT KUCHAR I think conditions the way they were with the overnight rain softened things up.テつ The ball was still getting some run in the fairways.テつ The fairways drained amazing.テつ Fantastic drainage system in place for the fairways.テつ The greens are receptive.テつ Morning scores will probably see the majority of the scores in the morning rounds, just having the greens as good as they were in the morning.
But if you drive it well, you can play some good golf.テつ If you're not playing well, you're going to see some high scores, as well.テつ I think you'll see a good mix of kind of some both red numbers with some pretty high numbers.テつ This course if you drive it well and really control it, you can make some birdies, but you can also make some bogeys pretty quickly, too.

Q.テつ Did '98 pop through your head, being here for the Amateur?
MATT KUCHAR a couple, yeah.テつ I played Sergio in a great quarterfinal match.テつ Certainly I talked about it in practice rounds, the match we had.テつ I have a lot of fans out here that remember the'98 Amateur, so got a lot of people cheering me on and rooting for me.テつ I do remember the'98 Amateur, so it's definitely great to be back here.

Q.テつ Made the long birdie on 18 today that kick started your round.
MATT KUCHAR yeah, at that point, I made eight pars in a row and looked like it was going to be nine pars in a row, and that putt snuck in and it was nice to finally get one.テつ Was able to hit a close approach shot on 2 and was able to seemingly get things going kind of quickly.テつ That was helpful to see one go in.
I think I had a couple opportunities, not able to convert, and nice to see a putt go in like it did on 18.

Q.テつ How many drivers did you hit today?テつ How many times did you use the driver?
MATT KUCHAR I guess eight or nine.テつ Yeah, probably five or six holes.

Q.テつ How much different was the course today after the rain than when you played yesterday in the practice round?
MATT KUCHAR not too much differently.テつ The course really drains well.テつ I don't think there was a whole lot of difference.テつ I was surprised with just how well the fairways drained.テつ This course, you can tell on the setup, there's a series of drains scattered all throughout the fairways.テつ You can tell this course is well prepared for some rain like that.

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