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August 8, 2013

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON:テつ Overall, I'll take it for sure.テつ I was a little bit steamy coming off.テつ I just missed the green by a couple of feet on 9.テつ Had a horrible lie, played a great shot but then I missed from four feet for par, so that was a bit of a sour taste walking off there.テつ But a few under, a 68 is never a bad first round in a major championship.
I didn't play my best.テつ I missed too many fairways but still keeping it together starting out the first three holes and had a bad spell where I was hanging on for dear life and had a good run and made five birdies my last ten holes.テつ Unfortunately two bogeys in the last three coming in, so, yeah, I didn't make a par the last four holes, two birdies and two bogeys.
Overall, I'll take it.テつ A quick lunch and I'll go and practice.テつ I feel my energy levels are a little bit low.テつ I feel I need to do a quick practice and then get out of here and try and rest.

Q.テつ You had an up‑and‑down round with the back nine; what do you take into tomorrow?
HENRIK STENSON:テつ I would just like to strike it a little bit better into the greens off the tee.テつ I gave myself quite a lot of chances but I was just in the rough too many times.テつ It was tough to do anything than try and save par when you're in the rough, that's for sure.テつ Try and knock it on the fairway a few more times tomorrow and it should be good.

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