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August 8, 2013

Marcus Fraser


Q. テつStarting bogey, bogey, do you think scoring, you could have been down on yourself, but you came back with a tremendous round.
MARCUS FRASER Yeah, it was good.テつ A bogey, bogey start was pretty standard for the way things are going the last few months.テつ Went out there and just gave it everything I got at the time.テつ Been struggling a bit, and everything sort of came together.テつ Have Shannon on the bag, known Shannon for about 25 years now, 20 years, and nice to have him this week and looking forward to a good week.テつ He's never in a bad mood; every time you look at him, he's always smiling no matter what happens.テつ It was good fun.テつ Obviously a good mate for 25 years.テつ To have someone like that on the bag obviously helped.

Q.テつ You spoke earlier in the week about how you said, because it's not a bomber's course, you felt like you would be playing from a lot of the same spots and you're back on level playing field and this is a chance for to you do something good.
MARCUS FRASER Yeah, everyone plays the golf course from the same spot.テつ Sometimes when you're on the fairway, you're blocked out from some of the greens.テつ It's not long, but if you're off‑line, that's what I did the first two holes, but played pretty steady after that.

Q.テつ Putting has always been a strength and that's what's going to get you in this championship.
MARCUS FRASER Yeah, you can't shoot a good score without holing putts.テつ I made a couple long ones today and holed out pretty well, as well.テつ Happy that everything came together for a change and been doing that for a while.テつ It's the first round I've put together for a long time.

Q.テつ And backing it up tomorrow is the next step.
MARCUS FRASER Yeah, just get ready for tomorrow and like the way I'm playing the golf course, hopefully I can go out there and do it again tomorrow.

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