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August 8, 2013

David Hearn


Q.テつ What was working for you out there today?
DAVID HEARN:テつ I did a little bit of everything well.テつ Drove it well.テつ My only bad tee shot of the day was on 18, a little bit of a surprise there.テつ But I hit great iron shots and I made a few clutch putts when I needed to on the back nine with some par putts to keep the round going.テつ Overall, I think I did everything pretty well.

Q.テつ Is this course surprisingly playable given the rain last night?
DAVID HEARN:テつ I think getting out there this morning was probably a little of an advantage.テつ It will probably start to firm up a little bit.テつ It was nice to see some of those long irons kind of hold the greens and as the week goes on, we are not going to see that anymore.テつ It was nice to be out there this morning where you could kind of control your shots into the greens, and I think you're going to see some good scores.

Q.テつ It's Thursday, but seeing your name, does that mean anything to you?
DAVID HEARN:テつ Yeah, there's a scoreboard on just about every hole, so it's hard not to see it.
I'm not going to spend a lot of time staring at it, but it's nice to know where you're at, and especially having a good day, that you're right up there in the mix.テつ As the week goes on, hopefully I'll stay up there.

Q.テつ You made bogey on 1 from the fairway, and then getting it back on 2, got the round going, didn't it?
DAVID HEARN:テつ Yeah, I hit an 8‑iron in there, I had a nice yardage, to about three or four feet.テつ It felt good to get that shot back right away, and we were off and running after that.

Q.テつ Having the long wait until Friday afternoon, how do you manage that, especially being high on the leaderboard?
DAVID HEARN:テつ Yeah, I probably won't watch too much of it.テつ I'll probably do a little bit of practice, have some lunch after talking to all you guys.テつ Just have a little nap and take my mind away from it a little bit.

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