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August 8, 2013

Rob Labritz


Q.テつ First of all, talk about the first shot because that was‑‑ you had days to think about it and it turned out great?
ROB LABRITZ:テつ Yeah, I hit the first shot fine.テつ You know, right down the right side, a little draw.テつ I'm standing 175yards, 178yards to the flag, which is a smooth little 7‑iron for me.
You know, the sun was really just coming up.テつ The sun was pretty brutal.テつ Hit the shot, had no idea where it went.テつ I felt it good off the club face.テつ I asked my caddie Van, Where did it go?テつ And he was like, I don't know.テつ So we're looking up on the green.
As I get close to the green, I see it wedged, I mean, under the‑‑ below the lip.テつ You know, I mean, what are you going to do?

Q. テつIt's just a bad way to get started?
ROB LABRITZ:テつ Yeah, had to wedge it out sideways.テつ Wedged it out.テつ I hit a pretty good pitch shot out of the rough.テつ I didn't think it was going to come out that much, and unfortunately missed the putt.テつ Whatever, you start with a double, it is what it is.
Then the next hole, you know, I get up on the tee and you know I was a little nervous.テつ You have something like that happen to you and you are like, Okay, but you have got enough holes left.テつ I've played in enough tournaments.

Q.テつ It was thick stuff?
ROB LABRITZ:テつ I couldn't see the ball.テつ Hit it in the fairway, wedged it up there to five feet, hit a good putt right on the edge and thought it was turning a little left and didn't make it.

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