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August 6, 2013

Sharon Fichman


S. FICHMAN/S. Dubois
5‑7, 6‑2, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Just to get a couple comments on how you felt your match went.テつ There's a bit of a double‑edged sword here in that you're eliminating a friend and a co‑country mate.テつ How does it feel to be winning, yet essentially eliminating one of your friends?
SHARON FICHMAN:テつ Got it.テつ Yeah, you know, Stephanie is a great player, and we have known each other for ages.テつ She's a few years older than me.テつ We have gone through a lot of different, you know, scenarios together playing tennis, playing against each other, playing with each other, at Fed Cup playing doubles with each other.テつ We always support each other.
It really is a shame that we had this draw, and obviously it was a really tough match because we know each other's game so well.
It was three sets, and it was definitely a tough one, but I'm happy to get through it.テつ You know, I did my best to concentrate on myself and try not to think about the scenario.
You know, we went back and forth for a while.テつ I was a little tired, you know, coming from Vancouver.テつ You know, I took the red‑eye flight just the other night, so it's been definitely a long couple weeks for me, but I'm just happy that I was able to pull through it and come up with tennis when I needed it.

Q.テつ You're playing some really good tennis this year.テつ You're really kind of on the cusp of breaking into that top 100.テつ How important is it for you to not let up after this?テつ You've got, I guess, Jankovic.
SHARON FICHMAN:テつ Well, I think, from what I understand, I think I'm now in the top 100 after this week, which is fun.テつ But that's not my ultimate goal.テつ I'm really excited that things have been going well for me.
My main goal is just to be better as a tennis player.テつ I want to be the best I can be, and numbers aside, I just want to keep improving and get to, you know, what I feel my potential is.
So I'm happy and I'm excited, and it just keeps motivating me to do better and better things.

Q.テつ Congratulations on your career high, and I think you're going to break into the top 100 also.テつ Jesse Levine, you and he have become the first Canadian Jewish players to make the second round of the Canadian Open the same calendar year since 1969.テつ How do you feel about that?
SHARON FICHMAN:テつ That's pretty cool.テつ (Smiling).
Yeah, that sounds fantastic.テつ I'm happy to hear, you know.テつ It's really exciting.テつ You know, I have so much respect for Jesse, and it's fun I because we kind of grew up in a similar era.テつ He was playing Canadian tournaments, and my brother used to compete as a junior and they would play against each other a lot, so I actually know him quite well.
I'm super happy he's doing great.テつ I'm just really excited.テつ That sounds fantastic, and hopefully we can keep doing better and better.テつ That's great.

Q.テつ I believe you were here when you were six.テつ Your father brought you here.テつ Can you talk about what it was like then and how things have changed being on the other side of the court?
SHARON FICHMAN:テつ Well, when I was six, I had my plan to be a tennis player, you know.テつ I loved it, and I came here and I watched all the girls.テつ I remember watching, you know, Serena and Venus and Hingis and Seles and all my idols, my heroes, and I was just in awe.
It's just so fun to kind of look back and see that things have come full circle.テつ It's really exciting when you're able to make a goal and just stick with it.テつ It's been, you know, many years since, obviously, but the fact that I have pursued it and that it's come full circle is fun and exciting to look back on.テつ So, yeah.

Q.テつ Just as a follow‑up, how do you prepare for your next match?
SHARON FICHMAN:テつ You know, I get off the court and I try and eat something right away because it's important to get nutrients back in your body.テつ See the physiotherapist to make sure everything is in place, no muscles or bones sticking out, because that's never a good thing, right?
So I do that and shower and try and rest, eat, and come and see you guys, right?テつ (Smiling).

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