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August 3, 2013

Samantha Stosur


S. STOSUR/V. Razzano
7‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Key to the victory, or keys, how about that?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, I think, like I said out on court, I don't feel like I was playing too bad at the start to be 4‑Love down and she was hitting lots of winners and really making me move a lot.
At that point I thought, Okay, I've got to obviously do something to change this.  So I tried to be a little bit more aggressive and really be in off the front foot a lot earlier in the rally than what I was up until that point.
I think that's what really changed the match around.  Instead of me hitting ‑‑ you know, my slice backhand was good, but it wasn't giving her any troubles.  So instead of doing that, I was able to maybe get a forehand one time and just really dictate the rallies a lot earlier.
I think that's probably what made the difference from 4‑Love down today, winning that first set and then continuing on throughout the second.

Q.  Do those four games go by really fast?  Seemed like, boom, you're down 4‑Love.
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, I mean, I guess it was pretty quick.  After the way I was playing yesterday, I thought, Okay, gee, it's a bit rough to be down this quickly 4‑0.  Like I said, that's what I kind of thought to turn the match around.
Obviously then started serving very well, and, yeah, on my service games almost took any chances away from her, which was good.

Q.  Was it in your head at all that she had played so long yesterday that keeping her out there a while tonight would be to your advantage?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  To be honest, I didn't really think about it too much.  I mean, I know she had the three‑and‑a‑half‑hour match, whatever it was; I had a two‑and‑a‑half‑hour match.  So we were both out there a long time.  An hour is a fair bit longer.
But I don't think looking at her the way she was moving and playing that she was feeling any real effects from that at least in that first set anyway.  I thought she was playing really well and hitting the ball well considering the long match, yeah, that she had yesterday.

Q.  For you, what's the key against Victoria?  To beat her tomorrow, what do you have to do well?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Well, I think I've got to do lots of things well against someone like her.  Obviously I haven't got a very good record against her at all, but the last few times we played have been pretty close.
I think a big part it again is the serve for me.  She's probably the best returner in the game almost and really makes you work on serve.
So I'm going to have to serve well and be patient in that area and have to return well.  I think the start of the points are pretty crucial.  It's going to be tough.  I'm sure there will be some up and down moments.
But as long as I have some more up ones than down ones, hopefully it can be all right.

Q.  Sort of a balancing act with her.  You want to be offensive, but you don't want to get too crazy because she's pretty consistent anyway?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, absolutely.  I think against someone like her, no matter how good you hit the return, sometimes you don't get rewarded for going for that extra bit of risk.
That's probably something definitely have to be aware of, again, is playing my game and doing what I want to be doing, but not going over the top risk‑wise.
It's a little bit cat and mouse, little bit chess‑like playing someone like her, because she does hug the baseline so well and move so well and kind of combat the power game.
So it's certainly going to be a tough challenge for me.

Q.  Did you expect that Razzano came out with so much firepower?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Oh, look, I've played her quite a few times in the past.  I know she can hit the ball very well, very clean, very hard.  She's one of those dangerous player that's isn't necessarily ranked so high sometimes but has the ability to beat really well ranked players I think as she's shown this week with the three really good wins that she had.
So I was certainly not going to take anything lightly.  Like I said, we'd played some quite long matches in the past and I knew what to expect and not to be surprised by how well she hit the ball.

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