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August 3, 2013

Brendan Steele


Q.  17 points in the back nine.  17 points for the round which ties the record that was set here last year.  I'm assuming 15 points the last six holes is probably some sort of record.  Obviously you love this format and this back nine?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, definitely.  I really enjoyed myself here last year and felt like I played pretty well the first two days but didn't get a lot of out of it. 
Didn't have any points going into No. 10, and I was feeling like I was getting run over.  All of a sudden things changed and the ball started going in the hole.

Q.  You go deep on your second shot on the par 5 18th, now you're facing a tricky little chip.  What's going through your mind?  Are you going to try to make this thing or what?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Just trying to hit a good shot.  I don't ever really try to hole chips.  I just try to hit my spot, hit it solid, get the right strike out of it and kind of let it happen from there.  But I had a little fence in my backswing there and some camera equipment we needed to move. 
But I had a good lie, so I just wanted to keep that and keep it moving forward.

Q.  Obviously an incredible back nine for you.  What's it like when you're just in the zone like that?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, it doesn't happen that often.  You really have to enjoy it when it does.  Seems like even when you make a mistake or miss a shot a little bit, it kind of works itself out. 
That's not a feeling you get often out here.  Usually you're hitting good shots and kind of like I can't believe it ended up over here, I can't believe that putt didn't go in or whatever.  So it's fun to see the ball just going into the hole.

Q.  It's pretty amazing how fast you can move up the leaderboard with this format.  I think you talked about that a little bit.  You seem to like it as well.  Top 10 finish here last year.  Do you like playing with this scoring format?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, I love it.  I think anything we do that's not just the basic four-day stroke play is fine.  Any sort of Stableford match play, team events, all that stuff I really enjoy.  Wish we got to do a little more of it.  But it makes this week really special.  I think I was in 50th place going into the back nine.  So you can obviously move up pretty quick.

Q.  Gotta ask you about the 18th hole.  Talk about capping off a round.  You're in the rough on -- you got your third shot coming.  Tell me about that eagle chip. 
BRENDAN STEELE:  I wasn't even sure if I had a swing.  I had a fence in my backswing, some camera equipment they needed to move.  But I had a good lie, so I didn't want to move the fence or have to take a drop. 
I was able to make a swing that fit for that shot and was able to hit a pretty good strike on it and a little bit of luck to get it to go into the hole.

Q.  Where does that back nine rank among your career, as far as have you ever played a back nine like that?
BRENDAN STEELE:  No, definitely not.  I mean, I don't know what the score even was, but as far as the score goes, it's probably the best I've ever had. 
And it was definitely the best finish that I could ever even imagine.  So pretty special.

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