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August 3, 2013

Chris Wood


Q.  Can you just talk about playing with Tiger for the first time?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, it was probably better than I could have hoped for to be honest.  Yeah, totally an experience for me, that.  Just the first tee, the noise.  He's chipped in on 13, I think.  I've never heard a noise quite so loud on the golf course.  But loved every minute.  Chatted away a little bit, and after three or four holes I felt a lot more settled than I thought I might.

Q.  What kind of things did you learn, or did you learn anything?
CHRIS WOOD:  Well, if he misses the green or he's out of position, it's absolute master class in damage limitation.  Yeah, I mean, he's nearly holed out from the back of the green on 14 for a par.  Yeah, I learnt a lot from him scoring, really.

Q.  Course management or‑‑
CHRIS WOOD:  No, just around the greens, his up‑and‑downs, his short game, his scrambling.  Like I said, any time he was out of position, he's either going to hole it or get up‑and‑down.  Yeah, I think I can look at that and feel like I can focus a lot of my time on that sort of area.

Q.  Can you imagine him being caught?  I think he's seven ahead.
CHRIS WOOD:  No, I don't think so.  Pretty under control I would have thought.  But he shot 61.  There's a lot of good players here, but he seems to be playing really solid.

Q.  I don't know if you ever notice how much scrutiny he's under.  What do you make of that?
CHRIS WOOD:  I think he'll probably prove everybody wrong.  I don't know how many more he'll win, but I'm sure he will.  Yeah, he nearly did it at Muirfield or was in contention, gradually getting back there.  He's won, is it, four times already this season?  Decent events, as well, with strong fields.  I'm sure the time will come for him.

Q.  Assuming Tiger can't be caught, what's your mentality going into tomorrow?
CHRIS WOOD:  Well, I want to finish as near as I can to him, really, because that's probably going to be second.  And that'll do a lot for me.  I'm here to try to break into the top 50 in the world, and I've got a good chance tomorrow.  If I can go out there with the same sort of mindset I had today, it was a big test for me today, so I feel like I did okay.

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