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August 2, 2013

Gary Woodland


Q.  Gary, you got seven points today, total 21.  Second place.  I gotta ask:  As far as you hit the ball, and we were all looking forward to watching you just kill your drive out.  You played eight par 5s, only birdied three of them.  What's up with that.
GARY WOODLAND:  Today was a struggle.  I didn't hit good drives today.  That's tough because par 5s I can hit irons into the hole, and I was hitting middle irons into them yesterday.
And today I was punching out, laying up.  So it was frustrating from that standpoint.  But I hit some good shots coming in, and I got myself into the golf tournament and I'm getting into a good position going into the weekend.

Q.  You said you're playing okay, but you haven't been finishing really strong.  You played virtually with 90percent of all (indiscernible).  Are you there?
GARY WOODLAND:  I am.  I'm in a better spot mentally right now.  I'm very happy about where I'm at, and I'm excited about where my game's going.  Starting to play well, hopefully have a good weekend.

Q.  How much fun is it playing here?  I know you love it, it's got to be fun.
GARY WOODLAND:  It is fun.  The ball is going a mile.  It was tough out there.  Swirling winds today, and I'm glad I hit some good shots late.  Hopefully have a good weekend.

Q.  Something was going right out there today.
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, you know, I played solid today.  Yesterday I played really well.  Today was just a solid day.  Fortunately I hit some good shots there coming in and got some birdies coming in which was nice.

Q.  You're a long ball hitter.  How far is it going for you here?
GARY WOODLAND:  It's going forever.  It's tough to judge, especially with the swirling winds.  But we feel like we've got a pretty good gauge on it.  So hopefully we continue that this weekend.

Q.  Do you have an idea of a score that might win this thing?
GARY WOODLAND:  It's going to be low.  You're going to have to make birdies.  Obviously anytime somebody can make an eagle or double eagle real quick, obviously the scores change quickly.
I know you'll have to make a lot of birdies and hopefully we're on top at the end.

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