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August 2, 2013

Rod Pampling


Q.テつ Rod, that's the perfect thing about this system, everyone's coasting along, just get on a hot streak and jump right up the leaderboard.
ROD PAMPLING:テつ It was nice.テつ We had a solid day.テつ It was nice‑‑ I think we've been here four days now.テつ This is the first day with no wind.
It was nice to get good conditions and actually take advantage of it.

Q.テつ What really worked well for you today was it the putter?
ROD PAMPLING:テつ Yeah, obviously you've got to putt good anytime.テつ I had nine birdies today.テつ In any format it's good but a little bit better in this format.テつ But obviously I made a lot of nice putts.テつ One real good one on 17, sorry, on 8, to save for par.
But it was solid.テつ Hit a lot of nice iron shots into the green.テつ So it was just overall a good solid day.

Q.テつ Greens a little quicker today?
ROD PAMPLING:テつ A touch.テつ But I've been out the afternoons every day since I've been here.テつ So the grass grows a bit and a little bit rougher, a little bit slower.テつ Nice this morning.テつ They were all really good.

Q.テつ Thoughts on the weekend?
ROD PAMPLING:テつ Yeah, hopefully, yeah‑‑ obviously hasn't been a great few years.テつ So I think we found something to wipe out a couple of weeks ago, worked on something, keep me a little bit more calm out there, sort of doing things wrong.テつ So kicked me in the butt.

Q.テつ Anything you want to share or‑‑
ROD PAMPLING:テつ Just the way I was breathing, trying to control things out there.テつ I was completely wrong, which I thought I was right.テつ Simple thing.テつ I feel good out there, which all year I've just been really on edge and just from not doing the right sort of breathing.

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