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August 2, 2013

Miki Saiki


COLIN CALLANDER:  Good morning, we have Miki Saiki.  She has just fired a 66, 6‑under par.  As background, the 66 is the lowest score shot at this championship.  The last time around there were two 67s, one by Miki herself, and one by Lorena Ochoa.
Many congratulations.  You must be absolutely delighted with your score today.
MIKI SAIKI:  I would have wanted to morning a low score today, as well.  There's a couple 6‑unders, myself, as well, back in 2007, so I wanted to shoot a more lower score today if I could have but other than that it was a great round.
COLIN CALLANDER:  Have you ever had two eagles in one round on par 4s?
MIKI SAIKI:  First time.

Q.  Could you talk us through those two eagles, please.
MIKI SAIKI:  The first one on No. 4 was 127 yards to the hole and a shot with an 8‑iron.  The one on 7 was 108 yards to the pin.  It went on the green.

Q.  What do you know about St. Andrews and do you know about the history of the town?  What can you tell us?
MIKI SAIKI:  Not very much but not about the town, no.
COLIN CALLANDER:  Having shot 67 last time, you must have been looking forward to coming back?
MIKI SAIKI:  Yes, if I have a chance, definitely.

Q.  Is that the first time you've holed two shots in a round or made two eagles in the same round in tournament play?
MIKI SAIKI:  Yeah, this is the first time.

Q.  Could you just tell us about the year and how the season has been going?
MIKI SAIKI:  I have won twice on the Japan ladies tour back in Japan, so I think I'm playing pretty consistent this year.

Q.  Can I ask about any hobbies away from golf?
MIKI SAIKI:  Shopping (laughter).

Q.  What do you like shopping for?
MIKI SAIKI:  Jewelry‑‑

Q.  Have you bought any at St. Andrews?
MIKI SAIKI:  Not yet.

Q.  When did you leave school and were you at university in Japan?
MIKI SAIKI:  Graduated Tohoku University School in Sendai, Japan.  Turned pro in middle of the fourth year of university, but eventually graduated but playing as a professional.

Q.  Is there any figure in golf that acted as an inspiration to take up the game?
MIKI SAIKI:  My grandfather loves golf and he always inspires me to be a professional.  At first I didn't take it seriously but when he passed away, I decided to live up to his dream of me turning professional.

Q.  The 6‑under round over the Old Course, how does that rate in your career?
MIKI SAIKI:  I think today, I would rate it the highest just because it's a major, and the history of the course, as you take all that into consideration, yeah.

Q.  Do you have any ambitions to play in America on the LPGA Tour?
MIKI SAIKI:  For now, I think I'll play mainly on the Japan ladies tour.  But if I have a chance to play the majors, including the Ricoh Women's British Open, I'll keep on trying.

Q.  Did your grandfather tell you about St. Andrews?  Did he ever play here?
MIKI SAIKI:  Not much, no.  We never kind of talked about St. Andrews in particular.

Q.  And he never came here?
MIKI SAIKI:  My grand father passed away before I first played St. Andrews, so we never talked about St. Andrews in particular, no.

Q.  How good of a golfer was your grandfather?  Was he a low handicap?
MIKI SAIKI:  Level par handicap.
COLIN CALLANDER:  Did your parents play golf?
MIKI SAIKI:  They do.
COLIN CALLANDER:  Are they good players, too?
MIKI SAIKI:  Yes, my father was a very good player, as well, but a long time ago.
COLIN CALLANDER:  Does he play international golf for Japan?
MIKI SAIKI:  Amateur.

Q.  And your mother?
MIKI SAIKI:  She's an avid golfer but not on the level that my grandfather or father was.

Q.  This score today, will this make a big impact back in Japan, and are you fairly well known there?
MIKI SAIKI:  Yes, obviously I'm one of the top players, this tournament is through TV Asahi back in Japan, but the air time is late at night.  I hope the people back in Japan, my fans, still wake up and watch me play.
COLIN CALLANDER:  Thank you very much.

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