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August 1, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  Kind of an up‑and‑down day.  You finished under par, but how would you analyze it?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, I would say I was close today.  I actually played well.  I hit a lot of quality golf shots which I haven't been doing the last few weeks, and I felt much more in control of my swing.  When I did make a bogey, I felt like I was unfortunate to make a bogey.
Obviously holes like 18, I actually thought my tee shot was pretty good and missed the fairway by a yard and then you're blocked out by a tree.
All in all, pretty happy.  Was making putts today.  Missed one or two, but I hit good putts.  There's a difference between missing putts and hitting good putts and them not going in.  So I felt very comfortable with the putter, and when that's the case then you feel confident about being able to go low.

Q.  And this is a course where you really have to be patient?  You can't get too aggressive here?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, I agree.  I was 1‑over par through five holes, and that's exactly what I said to myself, just hang around par today, maybe sneak under par, and if you do that pretty much every day, you're never going to be too far away.  If you have the mindset of playing par golf, and then if you happen to get hot, that's how to win this tournament.  You can't force it.

Q.  The fans love it when the Open Champion plays with the U.S. Open champ.  Is that special for the player?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, that was special today.  It was nice just to sort of converse with Phil about how it obviously worked out there at Muirfield for him, and he talked about posting a number and the value of posting a number ahead of the leading pack, and he said that's what you did to me at Merion, and it makes it tough.  I feel pleased for Phil; he managed that get that major victory.  Obviously he probably deserves a U.S. Open after all his second places, but I think winning the Open Championship, I think, was a big thrill for him.  And yeah, he's always been good to me.  I've always enjoyed playing golf with Phil.  For me it was a fun day.

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