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August 1, 2013

Ryann O'Toole


Q.テつ 5‑under, what worked well for you?
RYANN O'TOOLE:テつ Ball‑striking was definitely on today.テつ I didn't put myself in trouble at all, so that was nice.テつ Stayed out of the bunkers, which I think is obviously key.テつ But my irons were on target today.テつ I hit some really good long iron shots.テつ Hit some good short iron shots.テつ I had a bogey‑free round.
I think just, you know, treated this course kind of like an Open.テつ Tried to figure out where to miss it, the best place to hit it on the greens where it's the easiest putts to have.テつ I left a lot out there.テつ I had a lot of birdie opportunities.テつ For a while, the longest putt I had was 25 feet and kind of inside 15.テつ But I made some good putts.
I've been working with Joe Hallett, so I think my game is really coming along in that sense and I just started AimPoint with Mark Sweeney before I came, so trying to implement that.テつ So a challenge your first round in, but I think it really helped.テつ It helped on 17 when I made a 20‑footer to save myself, when I would have read it outside the edge and it was dead straight, so just trying to trust what you are being taught and go from there.

Q.テつ When did you start working with AimPoint?
RYANN O'TOOLE:テつ I had a session with them last Wednesday and worked with them again on Thursday, and he's helped me out all week.テつ He walked the course with me on Sunday and walked it with me on Sunday, and came out on Wednesday a bit.テつ He's trying to make sure that I had it down.
But still, anything that's new, whether it be a swing change or whatever, you get into the tournament, you want to, you don't do it as quickly or you don't‑‑ you kind of question it, and that was I think the beginning process of, hey, just trust it and let them fall.テつ So I think all of my putts, if I missed on the edge, a little slow today, and I think that was about it.

Q.テつ When you play in the afternoon and you see the low scores in the morning and conditions are pretty calm, do you put a low number in your mind that you have to make as many birdies and not par as usually do in an Open?
RYANN O'TOOLE:テつ That's the hard thing, you go out in the afternoon and people have already finished or are playing and doing well.テつ It's hard not to chase and that's always been my biggest struggle because I go out and try to press.
The first two holes, I had really easy birdie putts that I just missed inside ten feet and my caddie had to kind of remind me of what my process was, make pars, and I just went back to that and told myself I'd rather have 18 of those all day and have a stress‑free round.テつ I'm bound to make something, and I did.テつ I just hung out and waited and they dropped.
I mean, you know, those holes that you kind of have to work a little bit, you don't want those.テつ I'd rather just go fairway, green and 2‑putt all day.

Q.テつ Is this your first time this week playing here?
RYANN O'TOOLE:テつ I played in the British last year.

Q.テつ But this golf course?
RYANN O'TOOLE:テつ This golf course, first time I've ever been here, yeah.

Q.テつ Thoughts early on in the week?
RYANN O'TOOLE:テつ It's a super‑cool course.テつ The whole week is a lot of prep for it, because you could play each hole so differently, and it's really trying to figure out targets, and go, okay, where is my biggest landing spots and what does it take to get there.
I think being long helps in a sense, like you don't always have to take driver.テつ The last 12 holes, I took driver twice, on 17 and 18.テつ So I told my caddie, we go off 17, I haven't hit driver in a long time.テつ It is a really cool course like I said.テつ Your misses are on the green.テつ So what, you have a 60‑footer, but you prefer that than chipping over the mounds or the bunkers.テつ This course is awesome.
To be able to look backwards as you're playing and go, oh, you can play the course this way, too, down the opposite way, it's just a phenomenal golf course.

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