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July 29, 2013

Bernhard Langer


Q.テつ Commiserations, first of all, but what a titanic battle.テつ Did you ever see that happening yesterday?
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ Well, not really.テつ I had a good lead there, or you know, always a two‑ or three‑shot lead.テつ It was really my tournament to win or lose coming down 18, and I made a major error by taking on the green.
I should have just laid up short of the bunkers and chipped it up and made two putts, get out of there with a bogey.テつ But made that mistake, got a bad lie in the bunker, and here we go.

Q.テつ We congratulated you many times on making the right shot at the right times, but that was the error of the week, wasn't it?
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ It definitely was.テつ Almost felt Jean Van de Velde, not quite; but that was certainly a bad error and shouldn't have happened as experienced as I am.テつ But under the battle and are under the long delay, we had two rain delays, as you know, the mind and the brain doesn't always work 100 per cent right.

Q.テつ It's a shame that somebody had to lose, but you seem to be very gracious in defeat.
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ Well, Mark had a wonderful score yesterday, shot one of the lowest rounds yesterday, I believe.テつ Played with him on Saturday.テつ Swinging extremely well and we know he's a good putter, and he's a very deserving champion.テつ Played the 18th hole very well and had a great 9‑under par on this tough golf course.テつ He's a very worthy champion.

Q.テつ If you had one shot over the course of these five playoff holes to take back, is there one that stands out?
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ Not really.テつ The five playoff holes were just‑‑ you know, it's a tough hole, 18, and the hole location almost looks like it's on a little crown.テつ Every putt seems to break to left and right from‑‑ we putt it from any direction and I haven't seen anyone make a putt yet on that hole.
Anyways, not really.テつ Maybe the best chance would have been, whatever, the 8‑footer that I had to win outright on the 72nd hole.

Q.テつ Disappointment surely is at the top of the list right now, but what do you take positive from the way you played, a course that was not great in your regular tour career.
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ What I take away is just tremendous ball‑striking.テつ I really drove the ball very well this week and hit a lot of good iron shots and thought I played it pretty smart, except for the 72nd hole, and that was a major error.テつ But otherwise, played some of my best golf in my whole life.

Q.テつ Plans going forward now that the majors are over for the season for you, what's next on injure agenda?
BERNHARD LANGER:テつ I'm going to play a senior event in Cologne this week that my company runs, the Berenberg Masters, and have a week off, celebrate my mother's 90th birthday, so that's pretty special and then head back for the tournament in New York, Endicott.

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