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July 28, 2013

William McGirt


Q.  This is going to be your second Top 5 finish here in Canada.  Obviously, two different courses so you can't talk specific about the course, but just some comments about the two Top 5s here in Canada?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Well, I don't know.  For some reason I'm very comfortable up here.  The crowds are great, the people appreciate good shots, and I don't know.  I kind of like these golf courses.  Both of them are older style.  This one not so much as Hamilton, but it just kind of fit my eye right from the git‑go, and I just played solid from there on.
I was not upset at all when I saw what the weather forecast was for today with the wind supposed to blow, and we got out here this morning and it was blowing pretty good.  I kind of felt like that would help me.  I told them, par's going to go a long way today.  I really had a chance to make up some serious ground there on the front.  I had some good putts that kind of lipped out, and still turned at 3‑under and knew I was moving up.  But I played solid most of the week.

Q.  How tough was that up‑and‑down on 18?  I was watching, and it didn't look like you should ‑‑
WILLIAM McGIRT:  The lie was not great.  It was trampled down coming back into it.  It was real firm underneath.  The fringe in the first five feet of the green felt real firm too.  Because I actually asked B, I said, do you think we need to bump this into the rough to kill it?  And he said No, I think you can get it just on the green to get it to snuggle up.  So I just laid it open and kind of hit both.

Q.  The last thing, just an update on your wrist?

Q.  Yeah.  Left or right?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  It's left wrist.  It's day‑to‑day.

Q.  Is it tendons?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  What it was was inflammation.  The wrists are fine.  I've been having some tingling and some pains up here this week, so I think two weeks off will hopefully help it, and we'll be in New York for the Barclays.  I can always go back and see the doctor, if I need to.

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