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July 28, 2013

Sandy Lyle


Q.テつ What's your verdict on the week?
SANDY LYLE:テつ I would have taken it at the start of the week, even finishing below par, I didn't see the way the game was in shape at the time, I would be struggling shooting many over par at Muirfield last week.テつ Then a chance to maybe creep into the top three if I had just finished a little better.

Q.テつ And the final day was down to the last, which makes it a little more disappointing.
SANDY LYLE:テつ Yeah, I had a good start.テつ I hit the ball pretty solidly for most of the nine holes and didn't hole any great long putts, so 2‑under after nine, which is probably pretty steady.テつ And I was hoping to maybe get the odd one at 10, possibly 11.
I went bogey at 11 and bogeyed 13 again, so that's like three bogeys and a double on that hole so far, the 13th.テつ Not been a good hole for me.
Other than that, everything else was good.テつ My only real probably bad shot the whole week was the second shot to 17, trying to hit a low, stinger‑type shot and pulled the nuts on it and lost ball on the left side.
So that left a rather bitter taste in the mouth, because I thought, if I can make a birdie, go to 6, you know, 6‑under would look really good at the end of the day.

Q.テつ But there are so many positives this week, anyway, aren't there.
SANDY LYLE:テつ I'm happy with that.テつ As I said, I'd have taken that the start of the week.テつ I'm very pleased to finish under par.テつ Most times I've played this course, it's usually kicked my butt many times, and I have records of walking off the course here before, I was about 11‑over after 9 and I got some rather annoying injury in the right‑hand.テつ So that was it.

Q.テつ Nice to pay back one on this course, isn't it?
SANDY LYLE:テつ A little bit back on it, yes.

Q.テつ What's next?テつ You've got a another Senior Tour event?
SANDY LYLE:テつ Senior Tour.テつ Tomorrow I'm up in Muirfield again, Austerfield, a Pro‑Am, two days there, a charity, stuff like that, for Ian Woosnam and DJ Russell, and that's more of a fun thing, and two days of fun golf and probably a little bit of liquid, as well, at the same time.テつ And then I'm going to have a few weeks off and then I'll be in Seattle in about three weeks' time.

Q.テつ It does seem like golf is fun again.
SANDY LYLE:テつ It's getting better, yeah, I must admit, my golf game is a lot tidier now, and hopefully I can reap the rewards for it.

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