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July 28, 2013

Peter Senior


PETER SENIOR:テつ Happy to par the last couples of holes.テつ Very unfortunate.テつ We've been blessed with the weather this week.テつ The course was great and, you know, we've probably had a rain delay in every tournament that the Senior Tour has had this year, so very unlucky not to finish.

Q.テつ And you were determined to finish.テつ You ran off to that putt on the last.
PETER SENIOR:テつ I had a long putt.テつ I had just a little tap‑in but I knew it was pretty close, and I wanted to make sure that Corey Pavin had a chance to finish, as well.テつ But, you know, they blew the whistle just before his second putt, so he's got to hang around all day today.

Q.テつ Lovely final round from you and a nice tidy finish to the tournament.
PETER SENIOR:テつ Yeah, very happy with the finish.テつ I played really good on the weekend, so I'm really happy.

Q.テつ And the game is obviously in good shape.
PETER SENIOR:テつ Just starting to get better.テつ I've played sort of reasonable all year, but nothing‑‑ but hopefully this is a start and things are looking up.

Q.テつ You're not missing a flight or anything by this, are you?
PETER SENIOR:テつ I'm driving down to London to see some friends tonight and then I'm flying out tomorrow afternoon, so I've got a little bit of time.

Q.テつ Awkward situation for Corey, he's got a 3‑footer and he's got to wait.
PETER SENIOR:テつ Well, you know, they said we may not get a chance.テつ It looks like it's brightening up over there, but he may get a chance.テつ But if he doesn't, he's got a ten o'clock flight in the morning tomorrow, so he might be struggling.

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