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July 28, 2013

Mark Wiebe


Q.テつ Not been the greatest of years, no Top‑10s so far; what turned around this week, sitting second right now?
MARK WIEBE:テつ Well, I've been injured all year, and played, which I probably shouldn't of, but I felt bad withdrawing.テつ And the last month has been brutal on my back.テつ Started with an elbow injury and moved into my back, because, you know, your swing changes a little.
I got some injections before I came over, and I've really wanted them to work so I could swing it.テつ I have to tell you, although I'm sore today, wow, I kept taking practice swings.テつ I never take practice swings.テつ I wanted to know where it was going to hurt, and it's after impact.テつ I think because I wasn't hurting so much, and once I realised that, it put me in a great mood to not be hurting, and I let my golf go.テつ It was really great to do that.

Q.テつ Let's talk about your golf at the end, birdie putts at the end came up short; did the weather or rain or the light have anything to do with that?
MARK WIEBE:テつ The light, for sure.テつ My eyes aren't that good, anyway.テつ It was dark.テつ I can't believe I could even hit the green, let alone close, on 18.テつ All week, downhill putts, I couldn't gauge my speed and then when it rained and they got wet.テつ 17 was kind of a spooky putt downhill, and then the second one was spookier because it was about four or five feet short.
Then 18, as we talked about earlier, my dad would say, you got line drunk there, because I got so into my line.テつ I wanted to make that so bad.テつ I just kept thinking, they are slow, they are slow; hit it, hit it, and I left it short.テつ I'll kick myself around a little.

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