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July 28, 2013

Corey Pavin


Q.テつ Strange situation?
COREY PAVIN:テつ Yeah, you don't want to sit there and wait to hit a 4‑footer on the last hole, in whatever position, it was an important putt.テつ But to wait for an hour or whatever it was to make a putt like that, it works on your nerves a little bit.

Q.テつ Peter Senior ran off his putt, knocked it in just to make sure that you had a chance.
COREY PAVIN:テつ Well, yeah, actually if I had had a good putt up there in the first place, I could have tapped it in, I think.テつ So that's my fault.

Q.テつ It tops a good round and a good tournament.
COREY PAVIN:テつ Yeah, thanks, I played really well today.テつ You know, it's a shame about the weather.テつ It's been so fantastic all week, but hopefully be able to finish before the sun goes down.

Q.テつ What were your thoughts at the start of the final round?テつ Did you think Bernhard Langer was catchable or jockeying for as good a finish as possible?
COREY PAVIN:テつ I don't really try to think of it that way so much.テつ I just tried to play the best I could, and if I got things going and played a great round, I might have a chance.
But you know, Bernhard is tough to catch, and I can't control what he does.テつ I can only control what I do, so just went out there and played the best I could, and I played probably the best round‑‑ I definitely played the best round of the tournament today.

Q.テつ Still goes down as pretty much a great round, doesn't it.
COREY PAVIN:テつ It's a very good round.テつ As far as I'm concerned, major championship, you shoot 4‑under the last round that's a good deal.テつ It was a good round.

Q.テつ And good thing, as well, you can make your flight.
COREY PAVIN:テつ Yeah, I was very worried if we had to come back and start tomorrow that I would miss my flight, but there's other flights and that's the way things go sometimes.テつ But I'm glad we were able to get back out there and finish.

Q.テつ What's next for you?
COREY PAVIN:テつ I'm going to play in Minnesota, the 3M tournament, I'll be there. テつAnd have a busy schedule for the rest of the year here until the end of October.

Q.テつ And Royal Porthcawl next time; I don't know if you're familiar with the course in Wales.
COREY PAVIN:テつ No, I've never been there.テつ Heard a lot of good things about it already and I'm looking forward to coming back and playing over there.

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