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September 14, 2002

Steve Flesch


TODD BUDNICK: We have Steve Flesch, 6-under, bogey-free round.

STEVE FLESCH: Yes, I just noticed that just looking at that leader board. I really wasn't paying much attention to what was going on. I was playing well. And I hit a lot of good shots. I think I only missed one green out there today. But it doesn't surprise me the scores are so low because the greens are soft right now and it's easy to get the ball close to the hole, even the par-3s. The greens are rolling well. If you hit good shots you are going to make some birdies.

Q. I just looked at your results for the year, in your last four tournaments you have three Top 10s?


Q. You missed two previous cuts before that, what's going on?

STEVE FLESCH: Nothing in particular. The two cuts I missed, I just didn't really put that -- well, it was in the middle of the summer. Another 8-under there. The middle of the summer, just a little tired and just a little worn out and I probably shouldn't have been playing. I went and played anywhere and missed a couple of cuts. But the last four weeks, you know, I just made a few putts. Been continuing to hit it great. I finished 17 at the PGA after finishing 10th at the Buick and I think my last two weeks have been 4th last week and 6th maybe at Reno. So I have been playing well. I had a chance last week to win and missed a couple of putts on the back nine, but looking forward to tomorrow. I think it will be a shootout if we play.

Q. Does it take another 65 tomorrow?

STEVE FLESCH: It depends on weather. I had no idea that it was supposed to be that bad tomorrow, but it's definitely going to take a few under par. Even if it's just a steady rain. Rain doesn't bother us as much as wind, I think. It's just a patience test. If you wear your rain gear and dodging back and forth from the umbrella. So everybody is going to have to deal with it, but the hardest thing is if the greens get even softer is getting the ball close to the hole because with the cantor (sic) of the greens from back to front it's really going to be tough to take the spin off the and keep it from spinning back.

Q. There has been no rain, they didn't put that much water down; did they?

STEVE FLESCH: That's what everybody is asking. I was surprised I hit a 7-iron near the hole and my pitch mark was the size of the golf ball. It didn't even take a bounce. The type of greens they are, really interesting to play if they are firm. I guess they are worried if they dry them out too much, they will get too fast and I guess years ago when we were here, a lot of problems were generated from the speed. There is not many pin placements on a couple of the greens if they are to fast. I was surprised.

I was actually disappointed that the greens are as soft as they are. I knew something like this would happen getting all bunched up. If they are firmer, a little more difficult it separates everybody a little bit.

Q. Would you rather be going off with one guy tomorrow or do you prefer this cast of thousands and shrug it off?

STEVE FLESCH: I would rather be playing one guy. It's a lot easier to beat one guy than it is to beat 7 or 8 or how many are in there. I know there is five 8-unders and four or five 7s. I always thought it would be easier to beat one guy. A lot of it depends on the weather. Obviously with the scores the guys are shooting today I look for a lot of the same tomorrow.

Q. Steve, can it possibly be in part, maybe you guys gave this course too much respect and worried too much about the greens and now you are feelings more comfortable as a group and now really attacking it?

STEVE FLESCH: I think guys are just figuring out how to play it a little bit. Two years ago when I was here I got very frustrated because I was hitting the wrong kind of shot into a lot of greens and the ball was feeding off of it. You know how to play it off the tees. There is certain holes that you kind of just don't mess with. I see guys trying to drive it on 12. I haven't seen many birdies from guys trying to drive it on 12. If you just lay it on the fairway, and just wedge it on, you are always going to have a good birdie shot. Learning how to play the golf course and guys are just figuring it out. It's still one of those things around the 9th hole we are still using the same pin placement every round. It's back right, they are moving it five or six feet, that's the only place they put it. But you -- going into that, you know how to play the hole, you know that you got to get it on that top ledge. I just think guys are just figuring out how to play it. It's a great old-style course. We don't play enough courses like this. I think everybody likes. 8-under is still leading. I think the course is holding up. It's not like 18-under leading.

Q. That's a good point.

STEVE FLESCH: Yes. Usually after a third round of a tour events it is definitely double digits leading.

TODD BUDNICK: Everybody set? Thank you, Steve.

STEVE FLESCH: Thank you all.

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