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July 25, 2013

Corey Conners


Q.テつ So, not a bad start for the RBC Canadian Open.テつ You're 1‑under, just assess the round today?
COREY CONNERS:テつ Yeah, it was great.テつ I had myself in some tricky spots, but I was able to save shots by getting the ball up‑and‑down and making some key putts.テつ Yes, felt pretty good out there.テつ Disappointed to bogey the last two, had a really nice round going.
But, yeah, overall still a great round.テつ The conditions were pretty tough out there.テつ It was getting quite firm by the end.

Q.テつ Still a good start like you said.テつ Did you see the highlight of the eagle on 16.テつ Just kind of take us through that hole there and maybe the birdie?
COREY CONNERS:テつ Yeah, I hit a great drive.テつ It was into the wind a little, but the ball was able to chase down the fairway.テつ Didn't quite get down the hill, but it was right at the top crest.テつ I had 197 to the hole and 186 to cover the bunkers on my target.テつ A perfect 6‑iron, I hit it really solid.
Was unfortunate it kind of caught the ridge and went down a little to the right.テつ But, obviously, I holed the 30‑foot putt which had hit the exact putt in the practice round, so I had it charted in my book exactly what it was going to do.

Q.テつ Is it exciting, 1‑under par in the first round of the Canadian Open?
COREY CONNERS:テつ Yeah, of course, it's very exciting.テつ It feels really good to get a round under par.テつ My game was feeling good coming in, so my goal was just to try to give myself chances and shoot a couple rounds under par.

Q.テつ Also, you're representing the national team this year.テつ Talk about what you did to prepare for this week?
COREY CONNERS:テつ Yeah, the coach, Derek Ingram has given me a lot of help.テつ Just the week coming up I had taken a look at the course and knew I was going to be hitting a lot of short mid‑irons, so really focused in on that.テつ I was working on the short game, gave me something else to do there, so it's really helpful having the resources that we have there.

Q.テつ What was your approach on the 16th when you hit that eagle?テつ What was your strategy?
COREY CONNERS:テつ I just had a good target right at the pin.テつ I was trying to go basically for the middle of the green.テつ I had 186 to clear the bunker on the line I was trying to hit.テつ Had a little wind into it.テつ It was a perfect 6‑iron.テつ I hit it really solid.テつ It was one of my most solid shots of the day and exactly where I wanted, put myself in the position to make the putt.

Q.テつ Had you been watching the leaderboard as the day progressed?テつ Did you know how well you were doing?
COREY CONNERS:テつ Not really.テつ I just whenever I looked over, it showed the leaders, so I knew I still had some birdies to make if I wanted to be up on top.テつ But I just tried to keep doing my thing, and I wasn't really thinking too much about the scores out there.

Q.テつ You didn't know at various points in your round you were the top Canadian on the day?
COREY CONNERS:テつ I wasn't aware of that.テつ That's pretty special, but I wasn't really aware of that.テつ I was just trying to do my thing out there.

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