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July 25, 2013

Graham DeLaet


Q.  Can you talk about the round today?
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† It was pretty Jekyll and Hyde.¬† I hit a couple bad tee shots, cost me two strokes.¬† Couple played bunkers, three‑putt from four feet.¬† Other than that, I made six birdies, so it was kind of one thing or the other it kind of seemed like.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  It was a nice way to finish.  Both David and I, it was good to get a birdie and make one stick a little better.  Keep yourself kind of somewhat in it.  But we had great scoring conditions today.  No wind in the valley holes, which is really nice.  We can get swirling down there.  I think we had a pretty good draw, unfortunately, that just didn't quite happen.

Q.  How important will that tone be over the weekend?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  It was pretty scorable out there today.  But at the same time, I didn't really shoot myself out of it.

Q.  Was there any lag effect from the U.K. or anything, anything at all?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  I'm a little bit tired.  But I don't think it's necessarily from that.  I've been on the road here for five straight weeks, but no complaints.  It's great playing here at the Canadian Open and hopefully tomorrow's the round.  But all things considered, today, for the battles that I had, I'm fairly happy to shoot even par.

Q.  What happened on 14?
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† I hit my tee shot left of the hazard, and then had a pretty simple up‑and‑down, and chipped it to about four feet which wasn't very good, and then three‑putted from there.¬† So that one kind of stung.¬† You're looking back on your round, and that's one that definitely I should have made a five at worse there and end up with a seven.¬† I was hoping to hole that chip shot that I had and try to save par.

Q.¬† Was the crowd‑‑ were you surprised at all by the crowd support?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  It was awesome.  7:20 in the morning, and we had a big group of people out there following the three of us.  It was a lot of fun.  As we went around and kind of picked up more and more people as we went.  Tomorrow, I think with the afternoon tee times, it should be fun.

Q.  Do you think this gallery is good?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  On a Thursday, without question, yeah.

Q.  Graham, on number 2, you make bogey at the tee shot, would that have been worse though to have the bogey there?
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† Yeah, I guess possibly.¬† I mean, I was thinking about possibly going back to the tee there, because you know it's kind of a 50‑50.¬† I kind of took a chance there and got out of the trees.¬† I actually had a really tough third shot.¬† I kind of had to squeak it to get it up near the green.¬† Didn't have much of a shot, so I'll take a six.¬† That's a birdie hole.
If you hit a good tee shot there, you have a mid-iron in.¬† The par‑5s out here are all gettable.¬† I did birdie the first three, but it's disappointing to make six on number 2.

Q.  You sound a little bit disappointed.  Is there a bit of frustration there?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  A little bit.  I felt like I was playing good coming in, shooting even par on a scorable day.  At the same time I think we can go out and shoot low out here too.  I just had too many poor swings in there.  So I think it's still out there, but you know, I'll have to clean it up a little bit tomorrow.

Q.  What do you think of the course on a day like this?  Do you feel a number of the holes are scorable when you guys are hitting the ball so far?
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† Yeah, the rough is not long.¬† It's still pretty thick, so your ball sits down. ¬†There are a lot of shots that you have to hit with mid‑irons and plastic cover bunkers that cover water.¬† When you're out of that rough, it's pretty hard to hit it high and soft.¬† So if you can keep it in the fairway, you can definitely score.

Q.  Did you keep it on 9?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Oh, pitching wedge.

Q.  On whatever it is.  The one that used to be 9 over the water here.
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† On 6, I hit 8‑iron.

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