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July 25, 2013

Brendan Steele


THE MODERATOR:  Okay, guys, Brendan Steele with a 65 here in the first round of Glen Abbey.  If you can take us through what worked for you today and you got off to a good start?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, really just an overall good day.  Hit a lot of good shots and was able to hole some putts.  When you have a good round like that and you play that well, you kind of have everything going.  But today was probably the most complete round that I've had all year, so that was kind of nice.  Didn't miss many greens, didn't hit many shots off line, and I was able to roll a few putts in.

Q.  The one thing you were mentioning is you're used to playing in Canada.  You played PGA TOUR Canada.  Talk about what it's like being back up here?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, I love being up here.  I played in '06 and '07 on PGA TOUR Canada now.  And really, got me ready to play the Nationwide Tour which I played in '08, '09 and '10.  It was a great progression in my life.  I had a great time up here.  Made a lot of friends and spent two summers traveling the country and really enjoyed my time.

Q.  I noticed on your par‑5s you didn't birdie all of them.  How important do you think that is, Brendan, after the tournament carries on?  Is it going to become more of a factor do you think?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, it's a huge factor.  It keeps guys in it that maybe aren't playing the other holes well.  If they can get the four par 5s, getting all four of them is going to be tough anyway, even if you think about them as four long par‑4s.  You're going to have trouble making four pars on holes like that.
I got two of them, I think today.  I had to lay‑up on the other two and didn't hit very good wedges.  So that's okay.  But some guys that are maybe kind of struggling a little bit maybe make an eagle somewhere and make three other birdies and all of a sudden they're in the tournament.  So you're definitely going to have to take advantage of those holes.

Q.  Two par‑5s coming in, 16 and 18, do you see those two being critical holes come Sunday?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, I think it makes it really exciting for the fans.  A lot of change on the way in because you can really score on the last three holes, which I think is great.  Sometimes we play courses that you're just trying to hang on and the last few holes play really hard.  And this gives you a chance to make some ground up even if you haven't played well the last 16 holes to start out.  So I think that will be really fun to watch.

Q.  The history of 18 with the Tiger shot, I guess?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, that Tiger shot was ridiculous.  That was pretty good.

Q.  Just one last question about the conditions.  Your impression?  A lot of people are saying with the rough, it's almost deceptive because the ball sits down farther than they think it's going to.  Would you agree with that?
BRENDAN STEELE:  Yeah, it's not really the length of the rough that's posing a problem.  But you can't control the ball the way it sits down, even just on like the little chip that I had on the last hole.  I thought it was going to fluff out of there and I caught a little bit of the ball and it ran on 17 by, and I made bogey.  It's a little tough to judge.  Each lies a little different.  Had a couple of good lies in the rough today, had a couple lies that weren't so good.  You just have to be creative and figure out where your miss is from there and try to play it safe.

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