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July 25, 2013

Peter Senior


Q.テつ Four birdies and two bogeys, how would you assess your play today?
PETER SENIOR:テつ Still struggled hitting the putter, but I kept most of the time out of the trouble.テつ I played with Brad Faxon on the Tuesday and talking to him about the setup of his putting and my coach, Gary Edwin, is here and we sort of did a lot would have, the last few days.テつ Putted awful at Muirfield last week and changed it around, putted well today.

Q.テつ You made the cut at The Open; how do you struggle and still make the cut in a major?
PETER SENIOR:テつ Well, the course didn't play very long last week and I had 14 3‑putts last week.テつ I just couldn't get the pace of the greens.テつ The greens are all the same pace.
We haven't had any difficult wind, so we are getting pretty blessed with conditions so far.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on the anchoring ban?
PETER SENIOR:テつ I'm surprised they are going to let it go for so long.テつ I mean, if they are going to bring something in, they should have done it straightaway but gives the guys a couple of years to sort it out, but you know, I'm still not sure on the exact interpretation because the elbows are not allowed to touch a side, but if I go back to the short one, they touch my side anyway.テつ So I don't know what they are going to do with the interpretation of the rules.

Q.テつ I take it you're a happy man after a round like that today?
PETER SENIOR:テつ Yeah, I haven't been playing that well and it's nice to shoot a good score in a major championship.テつ I putted really well today, so hopefully I can get everything done and if I putt as well as I did today, should go okay.

Q.テつ At Muirfield last week, nicely made the cut.
PETER SENIOR:テつ Just made the cut, but you know, it's been good. テつI've been playing pretty solid most of the year, but you can't play good all year.テつ Really looking forward to playing here.テつ The course is in great shape.テつ The greens are good, and you know, I think it's a great championship.

Q.テつ You like links courses, do you?
PETER SENIOR:テつ I've always enjoyed playing.テつ It's a lot different than anywhere else.テつ You get a lot of variations here and as I've said before, we haven't had any bad weather yet, so we have been really, really lucky with the conditions.

Q.テつ A few spots of rain as you were coming in, but essentially the key thing is there was rain overnight and the wind have changed.
PETER SENIOR:テつ Yeah, but it has not been too bad.テつ It's been comfortable playing out there.テつ I think there will be a lot of good scores.テつ As I said the course is playing nice and gives you a lot of opportunity.

Q.テつ Presumably you've had bounces in your favour and against?
PETER SENIOR:テつ Yeah, but I'm still kind of coming to grips with the bad ones.テつ You know, the good ones are all good‑‑ you ride along with those but as soon as something goes bad on these courses you feel a bit hard done by, but that's links golf.

Q.テつ Your coach is out with you?
PETER SENIOR:テつ Yeah, he's been here the last couple weeks.テつ He follows me around a few times during the year and it's great to have him here.

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