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July 25, 2013

John Cook


Q.テつ What's the verdict on what has been a challenging course on a tricky day?
JOHN COOK:テつ Yeah, exactly.テつ You learn as you go.テつ This is my first trip around Royal Birkdale and I made some horrible mistakes, but that's the learning process.テつ I drove the ball very nicely and made some nice putts and just got it around okay.
Terrible finish, disappointing finish, one of those terrible mistakes that you make and learn from that for tomorrow.テつ Overall, fairly pleased, any time you're under par in a major championship, especially The Open Championship, you're okay.

Q.テつ I take it it's one of those that you can take on the chin because there's both gives and takes, this course.
JOHN COOK:テつ Oh, definitely, there's no doubt.テつ You go into the week with that in mind, you're going to make some mistakes and hit some shots that are not in some very good spots and kind of have to take your lumps.
But overall, I was pretty pleased with where I was striking the ball.テつ Struck the ball solidly most of the time and got a good feel for the greens, so that's a bonus.

Q.テつ You're a fan of links courses, we've seen down the years.
JOHN COOK:テつ Yeah, a big fan.テつ Ever since I first started coming over here, I fell in love with links golf, and feel like I'm able to play those type of shots when needed.テつ Not afraid to play those shots.テつ I feel very comfortable over here.

Q.テつ With The Open Championship being at Muirfield last week, presumably your mind went back?
JOHN COOK:テつ Yeah, I get to revisit that every year about that same time, so it was fun watching it on television.テつ I would have loved to have been there and tested myself on a crispy, fast golf course like that, which it looked like‑‑ the older guys thought it was great.テつ The younger guys thought it was very bizarre and couldn't quite figure that out.テつ But I would have loved to have been out there and tried my luck.

Q.テつ I take it this one is not quite so crispy and fast?
JOHN COOK:テつ Not quite.テつ It has had some moisture, and it can get there.テつ You can tell, you still have to pay attention.テつ You have to be careful and you really, you have to know the type of shot that you want to play and where you want the ball to get to, not where so much it lands, but where it goes to, and that's what I like about it.

Q.テつ Not an awful lot of relief, is there, not as if you can think there's an easy stretch out there.
JOHN COOK:テつ Not from the first tee ball to the last shot that you hit, there's just not.テつ You have to hit good golf shots every single time that you make a swing, or you can pay a big penalty.

Q.テつ Can you give an indication of where your score is likely to be at the end of the day?テつ I would suggest it would still be nicely up there?
JOHN COOK:テつ Yeah, Top 15 or 20 probably, and that would be just fine.テつ Have to play solid tomorrow to keep yourself in it, and we'll get to see it in the afternoon.テつ I've seen the course in the afternoon, so I have a little bit of an idea how to play.テつ We'll see if I can be a little sharper tomorrow on some decisions that I make.

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