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May 24, 2003

Meg Mallon


Q. All right. Good playing out there.

MEG MALLON: Thank you.

Q. I know you didn't want to finish with a bogey.

MEG MALLON: No, I started with one and finished with one.

Q. Talk about your round in general.

MEG MALLON: Yeah, I had -- it was a funny round, because I really didn't putt well. I had two or three putts on the front side, and I missed probably a 4-footer on 7 for birdie, and then again I missed another short birdie opportunity on number 15. So, I could say what could have been, but, you know, I can't go back out there. I made a lot of birdies too. I hit it close on those occasions, so, you know, it was just a round that I would like to take back those two or three putts more so than anything. Those kill you, especially when it's a tournament where people are getting under par and you know bogeys will really set you back, and a 3-putt is really a sin out there.

Overall game, opportunities, I had some good chip shots today. Tomorrow I know I can't make those mistake to try to win the tournament.

Q. How do you feel going in tomorrow where you stand behind Catriona?

MEG MALLON: Like I said, I can't make those 3-putt mistakes, hitting it behind the tree on the last hole, things like that. I need to be incredibly solid to try to pick up game momentum on Catriona and hope she doesn't have another hot day tomorrow.

Q. What do you think about so many golfers being within striking range?

MEG MALLON: Yeah, that's another thing. I mean, there is good scores today, and someone could come from 13, 12 under and have a shot at winning. There could be a lot of action tomorrow. I think you have probably 10 to 12 people that have a chance to win.

Q. Do you get psyched up when it's this close?

MEG MALLON: I would rather have a 10-shot lead. It is fun. It makes for a good environment, atmosphere. Hopefully the weather will be good and we can get our fans out there tomorrow and they can get us going and the birdies will start flying.

Q. There are a lot of veterans atop the leader board. Does that say something about your ability to manage your game in these conditions?

MEG MALLON: Yeah, it's all different golf games. All of us have completely different games. That will make it a lot of fun tomorrow to see which one comes through.

Q. How did the rain affect the golf course?

MEG MALLON: It made the course longer but the greens softer; a lot more receptive for hitting it closer to the pin. Over the years we have seen the course so different. I think it actually held the rain pretty well. I don't think we got as much as they predicted. That's good, because I know it can puddle up down here. That was just enough to make it receptive.

Q. Are you surprised how low the scores were today despite the rain?

MEG MALLON: Not really, just because it was -- you know, you knew that the ball was going to stop where you hit it. So, players are good out here, and there is a lot of them that are eager to win and are playing well, so, I'm not surprised at all. I knew I had to keep going. That's why it was kind of disappointing. I knew that several people were going to play well.

Q. It obviously helps when you can pick up the ball and clean it up I suppose?

MEG MALLON: Yeah, you know, it's rough. The golf course, we're here a little too early. You had a long winter. That's just the nature of what happens in the Northeast or in the Midwest for that matter. But we can go to Chicago next week and I'm sure it will be early to be there too. It's just one of those deals. They made the right decision by doing that. There is so many ruts in places where there is no grass and that kind of condition. I'm thankful for that.

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