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July 18, 2003

Meg Mallon


MODERATOR: Meg, thanks for joining us, welcome to the interview area. A nice round today, you're 5 under total. Can you give us some opening thoughts on the rounds and we'll take some questions.

MEG MALLON: Just one of those days that you work for. I had several opportunities for birdies and burned a lot of edges and made a couple of others. It was really smooth today, and it's really enjoyable to play that way.

Q. What did you use?

MEG MALLON: I couldn't use a sand wedge because of the limb there. I had to get it back in my stance and try to use a wedge and keep it down, and it just turned out to come out okay. It just missed the branch. That was my kind of day today. Things were happening that way, and I gave myself another opportunity for birdie.

Q. How far were you?

MEG MALLON: I was 88 yards from the pin.

Q. Meg, do you find yourself it was it a little easier to play today with overcast conditions?

MEG MALLON: It was boiling hot this morning, and then this nice little cloud cover came over. Yesterday afternoon was -- we were back here in October a few years ago, it was similar to that; the course played like a parking lot. It was very difficult. I got in trouble for blowing over the greens. It was nice this morning to have a little more softness. You know, they're still firm, but not like they were late yesterday afternoon.

Q. With all that being said, are you surprised -- yesterday only 30 people under par, are you surprised it's been rather difficult to really score out here?

MEG MALLON: It's too early to tell. It's a testament to this government course. It rewards you to play good, smart golf. People are doing that out here right now. I watched Mi-Hyun Kim make a ton of putts yesterday. If you can get that going, it simplifies things a lot. I love playing this golf course. It's a great design. I'm happy to see they have a new superintendent that's taking a lot of interest in getting the greens back and clearing out a lot of area around the greens, so this course can get to the pristine condition we were used to a several years ago.

Last year, it was the worst condition I've ever seen it. It was a shame, and for a golf course of this stature, it was tough to see it going in that direction. It's nice to see the country club and the new superintendent are taking a keen interest in getting it back.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: No, I think it was schedule, schedule, schedule. It just happened to fall into that where we had a major two weeks ago. We have a major in two weeks. Something had to give for a lot of the players. I chose not to play next week, so -- because I do like it here too much, but most players don't because it's a no-cut week next week. That's a tough decision to not play a no-cut tournament and go to a major championship. That's my only reason.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: I think that's going to be pretty good. Maybe we'll go on a good full cycle of ten years of good Mays. I think it can be very nice here in May. It's going to be very lush. I know that's for sure. It's going to play a lot longer. So, it will be interesting. Scheduling wise, I think it's very good. We go from here to Corning, New York, which we played Corning for 26 years and haven't had a problem with that. It's actually a little bit cooler up there that time of year. Hopefully, it will work out really well.

MODERATOR: Can you go over your score card.

(Score card done.)

MODERATOR: Any other questions for Meg. Thanks.

End of FastScripts....

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