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July 20, 2013

Stephen Curry

Mark Rypien


THE MODERATOR:  Thank you for joining us this afternoon.  Steph Curry started the day off from fourth place with 22 points, scored 25.  I believe had five birdies and three bogeys today.  Mark Rypien started the day in the lead, had 17 points today, a couple of birdies and bogeys.
MARK RYPIEN:  18 points.
STEPHEN CURRY:  Get it right.

Q.  Steph take us through your round today.
STEPHEN CURRY:  Picked off where I left off yesterday.  Was pretty steady on the front and backside has been real good to me.
Kind of stumbled in 17 and 18, but I'm just having fun out here, enjoying the whole scene and playing well.  So hopefully it continues tomorrow.

Q.  Tell us how you're doing this.  Everybody is in amazement.  Yesterday Mark was in here, and when people told him you shot 22 points, he thought it was minus 22.
STEPHEN CURRY:  I've playing for a while.  I'm kind of surprised myself with how consistent I've been over the two days.  That's what I've tried‑‑ I've shot low before but haven't kind of followed it up.
So it feels good.  And make some birdies and not have too many bad holes.  So in pretty good shape.
MARK RYPIEN:  Also I hadn't seen Steph hit a golf ball here at Tahoe.  I saw him on the range, see why he got 22 points.  He was in front of me.  It's a tribute to him and his competitiveness.  His 4‑putt, 18, for bogey, the guy could have shot really low today and has the potential to shoot real low.  So in order to beat him, I think you gotta have your A game.

Q.  Ryp, take us through your round today.
MARK RYPIEN:  Start off pretty slow.  Got bogey the first hole, hit it in the sand trap over the green at 1 and didn't come back into the flat lie and made a good 2‑putt for bogey and from then in played par golf made a birdie and finished with nine points on the front side and nine on the backside.  Kind of inconsistent and just didn't make anything, and that's Tahoe every year, though.  I mean, if you make 18 points out here you feel like you left a lot out there.  But everybody misses putts.
You have 10‑, 15‑footers all day long.  It's a crap shoot whether it's going to hit a chunk of poana or stay on line or the reads vary so much.  One day it looks like it's going to break left‑to‑right and it breaks right‑to‑left.  And it's just the uniqueness of these greens out here.
And Steph gets to be 50, he'll play in the 50th anniversary of this, he'll be shaking his head, too, going, gosh, what the heck.

Q.  Steph, last two holes with the putts, looks like you hit them a little hard, aggressive play most of the day anyway.  But were you a little amped up on those last couple of holes you think?
STEPHEN CURRY:  17, I had it lined up right, broke a little more than I thought.  I guess it hit poana.  And 18, putting the fringe, probably first time I did it all day, all tournament, didn't know how fast it would come out of the fringe, and it got on the green.  It was flying, and kind of got a little rattled after that.
But damage control, you know, bogeys, par 5s are tough but you'd rather have that than a 7.

Q.  Mark, you could speak well to this, is this about as hot as you've seen it today, no wind today, 90 plus degrees?
MARK RYPIEN:  I think it's 16, 17, it wasn't too bad through most of the day, 16, 17, 16 green, 17 and 18 it's like you're‑‑ kind of still got perspiration all over me.  Probably the hottest day we've had out here.  Condition‑wise it's been the best.
We haven't had any wind, and it's been just a scoring atmosphere other than it's hard to make putts.

Q.  I was wondering if that might favor some of the younger guys that it's so warm out here?
MARK RYPIEN:  What are you saying, us old guys can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, is that what you're saying?
They're in much better shape and they've been working out, and even when they're not in the season.  So probably does favor them a slight bit.

Q.  Steph, obviously this is the first time you've been in this kind of position.  What do you think your chances are tomorrow?
STEPHEN CURRY:  Hopefully pretty good as long as I do what I did today and yesterday.  I don't know what to expect what the winning number will be, but as long as I don't make any mistakes, roll in a couple of birdies and keep the confidence I have swinging the club, see what happens.  Hopefully it won't have to come down to a 4‑putt on 18.

Q.  You're having a good karma weekend, number one in the two seconds NFL Big Break until about half a hour go Joe Theismann tied you.  The way you're playing golf and the Big Break, go play a lottery ticket.
STEPHEN CURRY:  Feeling good.  My daughter turned one this week.  It's been a lot of fun all around our family.  So obviously enjoying the time out here.  Obviously love coming up to Tahoe, all the activities and obviously playing golf, this is a lot of fun.  So I just enjoy it.

Q.  I was talking to Charles and he said he couldn't believe you were playing so well.  I said look at the leaderboard for the Big Break, it's a good karma weekend for him?
MARK RYPIEN:  Not by accident, this guy knows how to play golf.

Q.  Steph, what's going to be tougher, sleeping into the lead at the American Century or waiting for Game 7 with the Spurs?
JEREMY ROENICK:  What's tougher is he'll have to play with a hockey player tomorrow.
STEPHEN CURRY:  Hockey player and a quarterback.
JEREMY ROENICK:  Ryp knows what it's like to play a hockey player.
STEPHEN CURRY:  This is all unfamiliar territory for me.  So I don't know what to expect, to be honest with you.  I slept pretty good last night and I played a good round.  So hopefully that's the same thing.
MARK RYPIEN:  I would say golf was fast today.  Our group was a little slow, we were a little bit slow.  Well, one guy in our group was a little bit slow.  Not point anyone out, Chris Chandler, but we don't want to sell him out.  Lucas had it a little tough, made four double bogeys but made about eight birdies, too.

Q.  Steph, did you make it over to Harveys before this event started because they've got you at 50‑to‑1 on their board over there.
STEPHEN CURRY:  I hope I make some people happy out there.
MARK RYPIEN:  This guy is a good man too.  Young kids coming up playing in sports.  This kid's a good man, it's nice to see him playing golf.

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